Friday, May 18, 2012

Suggestions.... please?

Dear friends,

I miss blogging. I don't know what to do. To blog again? Or not to blog again? How to blog? Continue this blog? Start a brand new blog?

Thoughts, please?


Smilie girl said...

Hi Saminda, How are you?
Hope things are going well. I recently noticed I had a new follower, but not yourself. My email is brettsandra at gmail dot come.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have been a long time reader of your blog, I'm an Aussie mum with kids about the same age as yours. I have missed your posts and hope you continue in with this blog. Good luck with whatever you decide to do :-))

Karen said...

We miss you! By all means continue. :-)

Amanda said...

I miss your blogging. Life has changed for you but it would be great if you continued this blog - there is so much history on it. Do you feel it needs a name change? Follow where God leads. Bless you Saminda.

Tamra said...

I guess it all depends on what you want. do you want a journal? or an online scrapbook? a family blog? if it's along the same line as this one has been then I would just write a quick catch-up post and continue on. If you'd prefer a blank slate then start a new one. I miss your blogging so really hope you do start again however you choose to do so. =)

Melanie said...

Have missed your blog. I don't know - you could start afresh, if you like the idea of a clean page, (like at the beginning of a school year when you start with crisp, clean exercise books) or continue same blog, acknowledging where you have come from (not that a new blog wouldn't do that). Anyway, good to see you are still there and hope life has been treating you well.

Christy said...

well hello blog friend :)
i know it's been a question on your mind for a while! Maybe a fresh start? xx

Renata said...

Definitely blog again ~ I've missed you!!!
Have a lovely day

Jen's Busy Days said...

Hi Saminda,

I have missed you. I really hope that life has been treating you right. I think of my blog as a way of writing down what I am thinking about (so as a journal for mostly my reference) and also as a letter to friends to tell them what has been happening in my life lately. I would love it if you would continue your blog in the vein of a letter to friends. I am guessing that life on the personal front would be too complex and too private to share so don't "journal" here but, please do share about how your kids are going at school and what you have been up to, creating, living... anything you like.

Nice to see you back,
Jen in NSW

Queen of the Natives said...

I vote for a name change and keeping it. You have too much history and great times here. It is a part of your journey BUT maybe you do need a new blog though (backflip much!). So maybe that can help you leave the difficult and help put it behind you so you can power on into this new exciting chapter.

Hugs to you Min, JM:)

Linden said...

Dear Min,
I hope that whatever you decide that we can keep in touch. I think of you and your beautiful family all the time.
I would love to continue reading your blog, whether on this one, or a new one. (Just remember to send me the new link!) I myself have been considering a new blog-home...
Hope you are well and that I'll hear from you soon!
Much love,


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