Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Day at the Beach

It's just been one of those weeks this week where lots of fun things have been happening! I've really enjoyed taking my children places and doing fun things as I'm feeling much better. Yesterday we went to our Music group in the morning, grocery shopped, came home and had rests and did a little school work, then went to the pool in the afternoon for a swim. Then today I packed a big esky and took the kids to the beach, the park and the water play park! It was a great day. Bed soon, though - I'm tired. ;)

And tomorrow just happens to be our town's annual "Children's Day in the Park" which promises to be another great day out. Thankfully Saraya tackled all her math on Monday which has freed up the week a little. Still a few literacy activities to go, and more cooking - she has cooked something every day this week so far which she has loved. I've taken a few photos so will share at the end of the week. We have been very inspired by the show Junior Masterchef so declared this week "cooking week" in our house! It's been rather tasty (though I wish I had a dishwasher :)). Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Family Bed

We read many books by Dr Sears and other authors who encouraged the family bed - allowing children to co-sleep with their parents - before we got married and had our babies. For the most part, I have always enjoyed having my children close to me as they sleep. As babies they would either sleep in a cradle next to our bed, or right next to us snuggled up close. This made night-time feeding easier, gave them (and me) peace of mind as we slept, and (as studies are now proving) reduced the risks of SIDS.

By the weaning age of around 2 years, our children have gone into their own beds and rooms. Saraya and Eiljah generally sleep through the night now, though William still joins us at some point during the night. He'll cuddle up next to me and go back to sleep.

Occasionally though, if Stuart is going to be away for the night, I'll invite Saraya to sleep in with me. She LOVES to do this. :) So on Saturday morning, with Stuart away at the Junior School Camp, this is what I woke up to. I had been squished there on the edge with the double pillows.

Two of my babies sleeping soundly beside me, the other one soon to appear and join me on the verandah for an early-morning cup of tea while the sleepy two kept on sleeping.

I love being close to my children, fostering trust and love, and cherishing these times when they are little and actually desire being close to their Mama. ;) They are growing up all too quickly.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home Beauty On A Sunday Morn

My beautiful old piano

And I even managed a practice this morning with no 'helpers'!

Little boys playing with helium balloons from a party yesterday

Little boys with cheeky grins and dirty faces

Tables where little boys have been playing...

Our beautiful jasmine vine - the smell is overwhelmingly divine!

A lavender hedge that I planted recently is starting to bush out

Little boys peeking out from secret hiding places

Freshly mown grass thanks to my hard working husband

Hardworking husband :)

White roses in bloom in Saraya's Garden

And red ones!

And pink roses by the driveway (ignoring all the grass I need to weed out...)

Lovely Molly

Gum trees shedding their bark - they are everywhere and really amazing to see

Strawberry flowers!

Baby nectarines - William loves to spot them

And a fuzzy little peach!

Apple blossoms

I don't know how I will ever leave this place. I know with God's help I can do anything. So in Him I trust with this one. The beauty here is indescribable, especially on spring days like today. Yes, it's a lot of work living here. But it's so beautiful!! My heart will always be here on this land. I just love it. Thankfully wherever we move I get to take my family with me. ;) And the cats and the chickens. Just as well!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picnic Therapy

Firstly, happy happy birthday to my wonderful husband Stuart!!! He turned 32 on Tuesday. Old man. ;)

Secondly, kind thanks to everyone who has been asking after my health this past week. I am pleased to tell you that my trip to the Cardiologist went very smoothly - safe traveling, found the hospital fairly easily, and met with a very helpful and kind doctor. He is confident that some of the suspected heart problems do not apply to me, and he has given me some medication to try and manage the problems I do have. Thankfully I don't need to take this medication daily, just when I am having a heart episode. I need to start keeping a journal of heart symptoms and migraines and try to work out my triggers, if possible. And a stress test (running on the treadmill and having my heart monitored) is still on the agenda. Aside from all that, we just see how things go. I feel better knowing my condition isn't dangerous, and learning more about how to manage it. :)

Unfortunately I had to have a molar extracted on Tuesday morning, just after Mum went home on the train. :( It was a bit sad saying goodbye to her then heading off to the dentist! Still, the extraction went smoothly with no complications thus far. Just lots of pain, as expected. Which makes it hard to do the daily grind.... but I'm getting there.

Yesterday we had a total home day - our first in a loooong time. It was so refreshing. I made pikelets for morning tea and we had a little picnic on our land. The children enjoyed it. I called it Picnic Therapy. :) Good old fresh air and something yummy to eat.

The kittens still follow us wherever we go!

The grass is long and there are wildflowers everywhere. We have had such a wet winter and spring so far.

Elijah watched ants for ages.

Saraya stood about conversing..... er, reading. ;)

And William grinned and was generally gorgeous.

I'd be lying if I said all has been smooth sailing around here lately......... but still, we're all alive and well and I'm trying hard to focus on all the positives. :) Life sure is full and I feel responsibility weighing heavy on my shoulders at times. I must admit I think a lot about next year, and how much easier things will be in many ways. But then I know I will miss my children while they are away from me... so I am trying to cherish every day of this term with them.

Enough rambling for now!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Princess Saraya's 8th Birthday

Sunday was the Princess Party, with costumes and cake and friends and treasure hunts and pizza-making and bubble catching and games!

And Monday was the day she turned 8.

Mum stayed on after the weekend to help us celebrate. We had lunch at Saraya's favourite Art Cafe in town. We ate. We chased William. The kids counted their money and bought little sand-filled lizards. Saraya sketched. I made her favourite meat pies for dinner. And she has lots of lovely new crafty things to dapple with. :)

She is EIGHT!!! And beautiful. And ours.


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