Monday, October 11, 2010

Us This Week

* We are thoroughly enjoying watching the Commonwealth Games in the evenings. I've been really into it this year!

* It is raining a lot today and has pretty much all last week too. The tanks must be nearing full, the grass is long and needs mowing, and there are dozens of little sunflowers all through the vegetable garden (along with herbs and not much else) - they have all sprung up from seeds dropped from last seasons sunflowers. Pretty.

* This week is proving to be rather biggish. Saraya's birthday party is on Sunday so I am planning for that. Her birthday is next Monday and Stuart's is Tuesday, so there has been some gift-buying going on too. ;)

* Hats off to Jen in NSW who noticed that my cardiologist appointment has been rescheduled for a week earlier - they had a cancellation, thank you God! So I'm driving to the city this Thursday for that. Hoping to get some specialist advice then. I've actually been feeling quite good for the last few days which has been so nice.

* Saraya is out at Prep with Stuart today, helping out. She does this from time to time and it's a genuine help to Stu. She generally helps with reading and rotation activities with the kids. So I've just got my little boys today. So far this morning I have vacuumed and mopped the floor, the boys have played, and we have done the grocery shopping and had lunch. I'll be picking Saraya up in an hour and a half, so the day has gone very fast!!

* Watermelon and stone fruit and mangoes are coming into season, yay!!

* I started piano lessons on Saturday again. It was great to see all my little students after the holidays.

* The contract sheet mostly worked last week. We still had a few tough moments, but I think Saraya learnt a lot about self motivation and time management which is a valuable exercise in itself! And I'm hoping this week will be smoother still.

* Stuart and I watched "The Book of Eli" last Friday night - WOW what a powerful movie, I loved it!

* Stuart is editing and producing this year's Prep movie at the moment (David and Goliath) and it's starting to come together! It did mean most of the weekend was dedicated to that, but we got our babysitter to come for 2 hours yesterday so the two of us could go out for lunch. That was a really special treat. If you would like to see the trailers of past Prep movies of Stu's, follow the links. It's worth a look!
He has also made "The Boy who Cried Wolf" and "The Christmas Story". The movies are fantastic, but they do take literally hundreds of hours to put together.

* William is sitting on my bed with books, waiting for me to read to him. So I'd better go. Hope everyone's having a good Monday.


AmFriend said...

Sounds like a lovely week with celebrations afoot. Hoping that you get some definitive answers at the Cardiologist. Love that Saraya is such a wonderful assistant and Stu allows her to share her gift of reading. Stu's movie trailers are quite intriguing. Didn't realize he was so knowledgeable in movie editing. Hope you enjoyed your snuggle and reading time with William.

Jen said...

Take care driving on Thursday as you could be distracted. Do you have friends or family to accompany you just in case you need a shoulder to lean on? I would hope you have no need and that you will be singing praise songs all the way home but it is better to be prepared, and anyhow chocolate mud cake and a good cuppa for a celebration would be best shared.

Keeping you in my prayers,
Jen in NSW

Queen of the Natives said...

Take good care Min :) Will be saying a little pray for you and sending happy, healing vibes your way. Please be safe and we'll see you back here real soon :D

Nice to hear how you're spending the week too.


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