Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trying Contract Sheets

With one more term of homeschooling to go before summer break, I am trying something new with Saraya. I am writing her a Contract Sheet full of activities, and giving her five days in which to complete them. It will be very interesting to see how she spaces her work. :) I am hoping this will be a less stressful way of schooling her for the remainder of the year. It gives her a little more control over what she does when, whilst still complying with the work I set her. With all my sickness lately I just don't have the stamina / endurance / patience I have always had - and it's very frustrating! I'm booked in to see the cardiologist in the city on the 14th October, and am hoping and praying for answers and treatment options there. I am feeling okay today, but still not usual self.

Here is Saraya's Contract for this week (only 3 days to complete these as it's already Wednesday)...

And what do you think she chose to do first??

Yep, that's right. Bake the cake. :) Thankfully this is a recipe she can do independently!

Saraya seems pretty enthusiastic about this idea, and I am too. Of course these activities are only part of how time gets filled around here.... there is copious amounts of independent reading going on, as well as creative play and art and craft and outdoor play and trips to town. Right now all three kids have built a house on our trampoline, complete with a sheet for a roof and our little plastic table and chair set to eat at! They've taken their pillows out as well. For Elijah, we are starting "Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" this week. Just gently and quietly together, to help him cement his letters and sounds before starting Prep next year. He enjoys the cuddles and one on one time with me.


Smilie girl said...

thinking of you for your specialist appointment next week.
I bet the cake tasted great!
Lots of good things there for Saraya to do - hope it continues to work well for both of you.

Renata said...

You're doing so well - I've been sick just the last week & I'm so glad it's holidays as I wouldn't have had the energy to do school - you've done a great job with being so sick for so long!
Zai also bakes cakes for us - in fact he made my birthday cake the other day - isn't it nice when they get to this stage!
I like Sarayas list - what a great idea.
We are coming up to Brissy for a couple of weeks, so if I don't catch up on how your appointment went - I will when I return. Please know I am praying for you.
Take care & look after yourself

Karen said...

Looks like a list my daughter would enjoy! And the house on the trampoline sounds fun. I thought about getting the "Teaching your child to read" book to use at home with my preschoolers in a few years. We'll see...

...they call me mommy... said...

I am praying for you Saminda...the list is a good idea! I should try one with Annie...

Mummy McTavish said...

Praying for you through your tests and appointments!

I read through the sheet and thought "I know what I would want to start with"... I obviously think like Saraya :-)

AmFriend said...

I like the Contract sheets idea. Wish adult life and job responsibilities worked like that. I bet the cake was delicious. Did you enjoy some at the table in the trampoline house?
Thoughts and prayers with you and hoping you get some clear answers at your appointment next week.


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