Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Day at the Beach

It's just been one of those weeks this week where lots of fun things have been happening! I've really enjoyed taking my children places and doing fun things as I'm feeling much better. Yesterday we went to our Music group in the morning, grocery shopped, came home and had rests and did a little school work, then went to the pool in the afternoon for a swim. Then today I packed a big esky and took the kids to the beach, the park and the water play park! It was a great day. Bed soon, though - I'm tired. ;)

And tomorrow just happens to be our town's annual "Children's Day in the Park" which promises to be another great day out. Thankfully Saraya tackled all her math on Monday which has freed up the week a little. Still a few literacy activities to go, and more cooking - she has cooked something every day this week so far which she has loved. I've taken a few photos so will share at the end of the week. We have been very inspired by the show Junior Masterchef so declared this week "cooking week" in our house! It's been rather tasty (though I wish I had a dishwasher :)). Happy Wednesday everyone!


Karen said...

Looks like a blast!! Enjoy tomorrow!

Vic said...

Fun! And great work Saraya, can't wait to hear all about the yummy cooking. I can't believe you went to the pool after music and all your other jobs, I came home and fell in a heap! Have fun this morning, wish we could make it! xx

Queen of the Natives said...

Good Fun Min :) Very thankful you're feeling better. We started watching Junior Master-chef online yesterday and my boys are hooked. Its inspiring but I wish my heart wouldn't swell so much and my eyes tear when I watch those little people under such incredible pressure. Look forward to seeing what you've all been cooking up :D

JM xo

AmFriend said...

Classified Ad - Job wanted: One dishwasher for hire. Will wash dishes for room and board and trips to the beach, park, and water park with fun-loving, faith centered family.


Smilie girl said...

Definitely sounds like a fun week.
What a great water park to play in.
Keep enjoying Saraya's tasty treats.
have a great weekend.

Renata said...

Hi Saminda
It's lovely to be back to visit your blog again - hope you are going well & the specialist appointment went well (will read your previous posts as I have time as I assume you updated about it) - I was praying for you.
How I would love to visit the beach with you - it rained almost the whole time we were up in Qld, so we didn't have any beach trips (not that we had time anyway).
It's actually back to freezing cold down here, so it seems strange to think you are at the beach while we are in jumpers - isn't this spring unusual ( although I'm so thankful for all the rain, I don't mind the cold!)
Hope you have a great week


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