Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Family Bed

We read many books by Dr Sears and other authors who encouraged the family bed - allowing children to co-sleep with their parents - before we got married and had our babies. For the most part, I have always enjoyed having my children close to me as they sleep. As babies they would either sleep in a cradle next to our bed, or right next to us snuggled up close. This made night-time feeding easier, gave them (and me) peace of mind as we slept, and (as studies are now proving) reduced the risks of SIDS.

By the weaning age of around 2 years, our children have gone into their own beds and rooms. Saraya and Eiljah generally sleep through the night now, though William still joins us at some point during the night. He'll cuddle up next to me and go back to sleep.

Occasionally though, if Stuart is going to be away for the night, I'll invite Saraya to sleep in with me. She LOVES to do this. :) So on Saturday morning, with Stuart away at the Junior School Camp, this is what I woke up to. I had been squished there on the edge with the double pillows.

Two of my babies sleeping soundly beside me, the other one soon to appear and join me on the verandah for an early-morning cup of tea while the sleepy two kept on sleeping.

I love being close to my children, fostering trust and love, and cherishing these times when they are little and actually desire being close to their Mama. ;) They are growing up all too quickly.


Smilie girl said...

So beautiful.

Jen said...

I love having my kids in with me too. Nothing quite like being disturbed though in the middle of the night by your five year old's feet tucked down inside your pyjama waist band and sometimes even inside my undies. lol

Mine go across to their own bed around 3-4 years old.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Vic said...

We're completely unplanned co-sleepers too, that just how things turned out in our house and it means we ALL get a lot more sleep (except when I'm shoved right out!). My post for tomorrow is actually all about sleep too! xx

Queen of the Natives said...

Lovely pics Min :) I've only just managed recently to get our small person into his bed until the am but have found that he's regressed the past few days and is back in with us!!! Don't mind too much except I barely sleep and am too tired to get up and put him back to bed :P All in good time, right?!, with a helping of firmness too. Good to see you survived your night w/o Stu in good company :D
JM xo

sarah in the woods said...

Jeremiah has been working nights so sometimes, I put one of the kids in bed with me. Even when I don't, I seem to usually wake up with one or two in bed with me. I like it. I also like that they'll sleep in their own beds if I need a good night's sleep.

Kimmie said...


I am impressed that they keep sleeping!

Praying for you my friend.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Renata said...

Oh we often have kids creep in with us- the twins almost every night & even Zai does often (although he is so big that we usually chase him back to his bed).
Since Dave had his operation (one of the reasons we were up in Qld) though we've been telling the boys they have to stay in their own beds - definitely means a much better sleep for me as I'm not hanging off the edge (although as soon as he's fully recovered I'm sure they'll be creeping back in!)
It sure is nice to wake up to sleeping kids (not so nice if they start wrestling each other though!:) )
Have fun


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