Friday, October 8, 2010

William, Today

Our little William is such a delight. I swear, he is 2 going on 20. Everyone who meets him describes him as "a little man" - and that's exactly right! He loves anything blokey. He knows he is a boy. He loves tools, machinery, work sites and buildings and anyone in a trade's uniform. :) He is so so different from his big brother. My stepbrother Luke came to visit yesterday, and he works for a forklift company. His van had pictures of forklifts on the side, and Will was so impressed. He just loved Uncle Luke being here because he talked about tools and such. :) William brings me so much joy and makes us all laugh. He honestly is witty and hilarious, and he knows it! Here are some pictures of William, today.

Playing with his own little tool set (thanks Grandad!)

Watching Playschool with his big brother

The boys and I cuddled and read about a dozen library books this morning while Saraya did her literacy work. Here I am reading "Small Bear Lost" by Martin Waddell - this is Will's most favourite book at the moment and he asks me to read it again and again.. and again and again..

Playing at the pool this afternoon. It was cool and rainy but I'd promised the kids we'd go on Friday afternoon, so I wanted to follow through! They didn't mind the weather, they all had a great time.

Reading in bed with Stuart tonight. Will loves me a lot, but I think he loves his Papa even more. :) He gets SO excited every day when Stu gets home, it's lovely to watch.

We love you William David, thanks for being such a wonderful little boy! I can't wait to see God's plans unfold in your life. I'm so proud to be your Mama. xx


Smilie girl said...

Such a gorgeous boy with a beautiful personality.

AmFriend said...

Love that last picture! So glad you have William David to add joy to your days and to share with us.

momto9 said...

What a sweetheart!!! Tow yea rolds are the best:)

Jen said...

Hi Saminda, I too love my 2 year old lots. They can be very sweet despite sometimes being a handful when they are frustrated and can't communicate. I think G-d plans it that way so we keep loving them thru this stage.

I notice your appt date changed to a week earlier. Is everything ok? Or were you just lucky to get in earlier?

Keeping you in my thoughts,
Jen in NSW


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