Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Family Table

Only a year or two ago, our family made a purchase for which I am thankful every day. A big, square, 8-seater timber table. As I pondered today, I realised that it truly has become one of the centre pieces of our home.

It is a place for togetherness. For prayer. For physical and spiritual food. For gathering. For hospitality. For craft. For learning. For letter writing. For gift wrapping. For play. For drawing. For conversation and laughter.

As the sun rises, our table sits ready to hold the little ones' breakfast. William is always first. ;) "Where's my weetbix, Mama?"

By midday it is strewn with activity. Remnants of morning tea. Mail collected and delivered to me by the children. Dolls. Books.

Then late afternoon it is cleared again, wiped down and place mats set, ready for our evening meal. This means Stuart is almost home. Hooray!

Just as with breakfast, William is always seated first at the table. :) "What's 'or dinner, Mama?" "Chicken and salad wraps, William". "Ah, my LOVE chicken Mama!!!!!" :D

And we are together again, seated around this table. Night after night. It is our gathering place, our homecoming!

And as the night settles over us, the table is cleared and wiped down once again, lights dimmed, children tucked into bed. The kittens sit by the door watching the outdoor night life (moths, toads, possums and the like). Stuart and I settle into our own evening activities. And our table sits and rests, ready to serve us anew tomorrow.


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I also have an 8 seater square table - very scratched now which has been the centre of our family life. Square tables are very sociable and it is much easier to pass the salt! The only regret I have is buying one with a beveled edge as the weetbix gets stuck in the grooves! I have to use a toothpick to remove the gunck that accumulates there.
Finding square tablecloths used to be a problem but you can find them now but not in all designs.
Nevertheless, I still love my table!

AmFriend said...

I look forward to the day when I can pull up a chair at your family table and break bread with you all. Lovely piece about a simple, but well used and well loved item in your home. The pictures of and quotes from William are priceless.

Renata said...

It's amazing how much activity happens around the table!! I love our new one as well! I do however have trouble finding table clothes long enough for it - I bought material to make some & then realised it only just covers the width & Dave would not like that - he likes to have some over the edges!
When I'm up there I'm going to look around a bit more!
Enjoy your precious family

Queen of the Natives said...

Beautiful Post Min. I must say I've always been a little envious of your table :P Loving your Will-isms :D

jazzy cat said...

What a great idea for a blog post Min! Love the progression through the day as seen through the 'eyes' of the table:-) We rarely use ours, as Andrew bemoans alot!


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