Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Morning at the Park!

A good friend had her 30th birthday today, and we all gathered at the park to help her celebrate. There was 24 children in all (the older ones all homeschooled, plus lots of littlies!) so it was quite a gathering.
William trying to catch a bubble

Climbing up so high

Games with friends

I love this park. And my friends. :) It's been a great day. We even bought nectarines and peaches at the markets today - and it's HOT so it really feels like summer is just around the corner!


Karen said...

Those trees are awesome!

Mummy McTavish said...

What a great day. I love parks with lots of natural features like trees and rocks to play on and around and that park looks like it would be wonderful.

Vic said...

It was a lovely morning, thanks for making my birthday so special! I am so lucky to have made such wonderful friends! Vic xx

AmFriend said...

What a lucky friend you have and how wonderful is she to invite 24 kiddos to her party. I want to come climb those trees with Saraya. Enjoy your summertime weather!


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