Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home Beauty On A Sunday Morn

My beautiful old piano

And I even managed a practice this morning with no 'helpers'!

Little boys playing with helium balloons from a party yesterday

Little boys with cheeky grins and dirty faces

Tables where little boys have been playing...

Our beautiful jasmine vine - the smell is overwhelmingly divine!

A lavender hedge that I planted recently is starting to bush out

Little boys peeking out from secret hiding places

Freshly mown grass thanks to my hard working husband

Hardworking husband :)

White roses in bloom in Saraya's Garden

And red ones!

And pink roses by the driveway (ignoring all the grass I need to weed out...)

Lovely Molly

Gum trees shedding their bark - they are everywhere and really amazing to see

Strawberry flowers!

Baby nectarines - William loves to spot them

And a fuzzy little peach!

Apple blossoms

I don't know how I will ever leave this place. I know with God's help I can do anything. So in Him I trust with this one. The beauty here is indescribable, especially on spring days like today. Yes, it's a lot of work living here. But it's so beautiful!! My heart will always be here on this land. I just love it. Thankfully wherever we move I get to take my family with me. ;) And the cats and the chickens. Just as well!


AmFriend said...

Love the wall color behind your piano. What a gorgeous wedding photo of you and Stu. The roses in Saraya's garden and along the drive are beautiful. And I am seriously digging seeing your trees budding and hearing of warm Spring days afoot as we start to transition from Autumn to Winter.

Vic said...

Beautiful pics! Can't wait to catch up soon! xx

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Lovely pics Saminda! We have just netted our peach trees as I am not going to share them with the birds. Do you battle fruit fly? Hope you do get to taste some of that fruit this summer!
Love those white roses in Saraya's garden too.

Karen said...

Beautiful! And I too am amazed when I get to play piano without helpers. :-)


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