Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Little Chef

As you all know, one of Saraya's greatest passions is cooking. And now that she is 8, her recipes have gone up to a whole new level. ;) I often forget to photograph things, but here are a few pics of some of her latest creations.

We made the Chicken Schnitzel with a fresh breadcrumb coating as seen on Junior Masterclass.

Pizza Scrolls - these are so yummy we've made them twice!

Tiered raspberry and mango jelly with whipped cream and fresh mango.

She made us all this delicious grilled pear on fruit bread for breakfast on Sunday - yum! It's sprinkled with a little brown sugar and grilled until it's caramalised and golden.

Still, no matter what she has prepared for us to eat, the other passion is never far away. The book. We have a rule now that there is no reading at the table, but her book is in her hand directly before and after the meal is eaten! Unbelievable! She has just re-read a whole stack of books as she has nothing new to read at the moment. There was a 3 day block during which she read 14 books, then another 10 or so the next 2 days. I'm wondering if we should start saving for glasses for her for when her eyes start giving in! :/

Anyway, I'm really proud of her efforts in the kitchen. And she's a great help with the dishes too. :) Love you my little chef.


AmFriend said...

Oh my goodness the tiered raspberry and mango jelly with whipped cream and fresh mango looks amazing and delicious. I love that she is so talented and gifted in the kitchen. Wish she could come teach me a thing or two. She is my kind of reader. I just checked out 20+ books from our library on Sat. Now that it's getting colder, I won't be out as much, so I have to have something to pass the time.

Queen of the Natives said...

mmm... looks good :)

Smilie girl said...

They all look scrummy!
Great job Saraya!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Isn't it wonderful when one of your children has a passion for cooking. My daughter was the same at Saraya's age but her first love was always baking and still is! She wants to be a pastry chef and have her own business.
You mentioned about the eye strain and it is something to be aware of. I am sure my own short sightedness was caused by my childhood reading of books under the covers of my bed at night by torchlight. My parents didn't think to provide me with a bedside reading lamp. There were other factors - They let me sit way too close to the television in our tiny terraced house and at school sitting on the back row having to copy work from the blackboard - I can actually remember straining to see the tiny cursive writing one teacher used! I try to encourage bedrooms to be used for rest and sleep and moved the bookcase out of there as my daughter was too tempted to read in the evening and the natural light in that room is poor. We are planning to put in a corner window seat in our family room - the room with the best natural light and I hope to make that the reading nook!
Have you heard of the book depository website in the UK which offers free worldwide shipping? Their prices are good too - some are half of what we pay here in the bookstores. Don't let Saraya see though - it is a dream come true for avid readers!

Theresa said...

Oh Pizza scrolls are a favourite at our house too and so easy to make. Keep up the great cooking Saraya! You might have to start your own cooking blog with recipes of course!

Vic said...

so yummy! It all looks divine, but that jelly, wow! Great job Saraya! xx

~Amanda in Vic said...

Oh my! Saraya really puts me to shame. Half the things she is doing at 8 I am only learning now! LOL She can come cook for us anytime ;)

Fantastic work Saraya. Oh, and by the way, we have also had to ban our almost-7-year-old boy from reading at the table. Seriously, he walks around the house with his nose in a book!


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