Monday, November 22, 2010

An Inside Morning

Well, the weather is setting the mood for our days at the moment. Wet, grey, windy, rainy, cool, bleak = an excuse to stay indoors and do cosy indoor things. :) It may be spring in theory, but it sure doesn't feel like it! We're all still in winter pyjamas and I'm still drinking (herbal ;)) tea all day long. It couldn't be any more different to this time last year, when we had had 8 months of total drought!!!

Anyway, today William was really unwell with a flu. I put on the most comforting music on hand, and we pulled out some bits and pieces to do. It ended up being a lovely morning!

Remember this puzzle? Well, today she pulled it out again and reassembled it with all the blocks of pieces in the box. :) Fun!

William is heavily into puzzles at the moment - more of the peg puzzle kind. ;) So we sat and did at least a dozen of those.

Elijah - not so much. He just sits and stares at all the pieces, feeling overwhelmed I think.

Then he enlists help.

And gets it done!! :D Nothing like some team work.

When all available puzzles were completed, this fairy took to plaiting rainbow thread and decorating herself.
She still adores her wings Jane! They have held up well - they're 4 years old now, amazingly!

Dancing and twirling to the music.

And the piece de resistance was finding my old Connect Four game. Well. These boys just loved it. I don't know that they ever quite got the idea of it, but they sure had a great time.

Especially William, who happily posted those red and yellow coins in random slots for a good hour or more - and forgot all about his stuffy nose and his chesty cough, for awhile.


Vic said...

Despite William's being sick, it looks like a great morning! That was a big puzzle Elijah was working on! Hope the littlest man is feeling better this morning. xx

AmFriend said...

Lovely, cozy morning despite one sick child who seemed to enjoy himself despite his illness. I love seeing your life in photos.

Renelle said...

Just wanted to let you know I visit when I can and I've nominated you for an award if you'd like it. It's over at
Blessings, Renelle


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