Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Nectarine Harvest

Today was the big day - we harvested our very first ever nectarines!!! :D

It was with great excitement (and still in pyjamas) that the children ran inside from visiting our little tree, planted only in January this year, to tell me there were 3 ripe ones! We've been watching them closely this past week.

So, we picked them. And the children ate one each with their breakfast.


Can you guess what we'll be harvesting from our baby orchard next?

Apples!!!!!! I am SO excited about this. The orchard brings me much delight. I'll have to plant all these trees again in our new place. They've done so well and there's nothing quite like growing your own fruit. :)

And I just couldn't help taking this shot. Naked bottom and his rainbow gumboots. He he. :D


Vic said...

Wow! They look great! Yum! How adorable is Will too. xx

AmFriend said...

Oh you changed your blog background, nice! Love Saraya's excited expression and oh my that picture of naked William's bum with his gum boots on is PRICELESS! Enjoy those juicy, tasty home grown fruits. Will you transplant these trees or just plant new ones?

Christy said...

Hi Saminda! those nectarines's look delicious! how exciting! i 've got my first feijoa's fruiting this year!! i'm trialling a multi-grafted stonefruit (plums, nectarine and apricot) this year and it's going great! have to wait for next year for fruit tho...thought you might be interested in multi-grafts for the new house??
btw, love the pic of William! TOO CUTE!

Karen said...

love the fruit! We've been wanting to plant some fruit trees but just don't have the space...without taking up the area the kids play kickball/baseball/soccer.

Smilie girl said...

Yum! I'm so excited about stone fruit coming into season. Yours looked absolutely delicious!
Enjoy your orchard.

Renata said...

YUM! There is nothing as exciting as getting your fruit straight from the tree!
I'm impressed that your trees are already producing - I remember when you planted them!
How is all the moving plans going?


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