Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Spring Fruit

William is still unwell, and only granted himself (and myself) a total of four hours sleep last night. :( We're groggy and a little out of sorts today.

Still, it's Market Day in our little town so we took ourselves out of doors and walked the streets, met some friends, visited the library and restocked our book stash, and lunched at one of our favourite cafes.

William is now napping, the older children have retreated to their bedrooms, and I am soaking up the quiet.

And Market Day always brings loads of fresh fruit into the house, so all is well in the world!


Smilie girl said...

Hope you all have better sleep tonight.

Vic said...

I'm so sorry we missed you yesterday, we didn't brave the weather! Fruit looks yummy, catch up soon! xx

Renata said...

YUM!!! I wish we had mangoes down here that were decently priced - but we are starting to get cherries! I love the fresh fruits of summer!
Hope Will is better by now!

AmFriend said...

Wishing I could share in your bounty of Spring fruit. Hope William is back to his usual self.


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