Thursday, November 11, 2010

She's an Artist

We were thrilled to discover a few months back that a lovely artist in town (from far-away Melbourne) would be running a series of art classes for children. We signed Saraya up, much to her delight! And this is what she has brought home so far.

Oil Pastel Volcano

Collaged Fish

Series of Sketches from Nature Cuttings

The teacher offers them loads of instruction in technique as they complete each project. Saraya knows a lot more about art already than I do! At the moment they are working on a sculpture.

She's an artist. Her bedroom proves it. :D

We were at the library this morning, and along with her stack of chapter books for this week a few craft books snuck into the bag.

Bring on the Christmas craft!


Nanette said...

Your children are just beautiful! I saw your comment on Little Jenny Wren's blog about small dolls for Christmas, and was curious enough to come check you out :)

I'm in Australia too, northern NSW.

Good luck with selling your house and the move.

Queen of the Natives said...

the results from the art class looks great :)

Karen said...

Great job, Saraya! Looking forward to seeing those Christmas crafts.

Heather said...

What gorgeous artwork! Saraya is such a talented young lady - I'm still stunned by the potato soup and parmesan twists supper she made! Obviously, she is a girl of many talents :)

AmFriend said...

Wow she is quite an artist. Thanks for sharing some of her work with us.

Smilie girl said...

Fantastic work!
Creative and talented is what she is.

jazzy cat said...

Wow! Very impressive artwork indeed! My goodness those nature sketches!!! Bravo Saraya!


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