Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Elijah Boy

I've noticed some big changes in my beautiful Elijah boy over the past few weeks. He is changing and growing and developing at a new pace.

He suddenly just seems more grown up. The feeling is, for me, bittersweet. :)

He has taken quite an interest in drawing lately, and makes all sorts of little things which delight me. Not just drawings, but characters which have names and interact with one another. Last week he made a "backdrop" (a forest picture with a big slit in it to stick puppets through), and a whole collection of little puppets (drawings of animals and people and clouds and raindrops etc. all stuck onto little coloured matchsticks). He has performed little shows with them. He is so imaginative.

He is getting quite interested in numbers. He loves to work out little sums, and is constantly seeing patterns everywhere.

His interest in space continues. He has found a craft project which he wants to try in one of his big sister's art books. It is basically making cards with pop-out astronauts and planets. etc., and it looks quite tricky. But I want to say "YES!" to him. He is such a gracious, patient little guy and I just love saying yes to Elijah. So make the cards we will.

He has learnt to buckle himself in in the car.

He has learnt to wipe his own bottom, all the time. ;)

He has started to put on his own socks and sneakers; he gets out of the bath on his own, dries off and gets pyjamas on all by himself. :D He gets up early every morning, and finds things to do quietly in his room. By the time we get up (at the oh so late hour of 6am or so :)), he has quite a few things to show me.

Perhaps some little boys Elijah's age have been able to do these things for awhile already. That's okay. Every child develops at their own pace. Eli is small for his age (still wearing a size 3 at 5 and a half years old), he hasn't lost any teeth yet (no wobblies yet either), he doesn't even own a 2-wheeler bike (Christmas is coming though! Hang on Elijah!)......... he is a little man who is taking his time growing up.

But growing up he is.

I'm so proud of my Elijah Samuel. He is a beautiful, sweet little boy who will never eat a bite before giving thanks for his dinner, and making sure we all do too. Who kisses and cuddles me all the day long. Who is humble and kind and won't lay a hand on William despite the hits over the head he receives from time to time. Who tells me I'm the best cook in the whole wide world. :D

Love you Elijah! xx


Smilie girl said...

He is a lovely little man who I am sure will grow into a wonderful, talented and Godly man.

...they call me mommy... said...

Aww!!! :) What a great idea to document these on your blog, Saminda!! I try to write things down but often forget! I just might have to do this!!! :)

AmFriend said...

Thank you for sharing the blessings of your sweet Elijah boy with us.

Renata said...

What a precious boy he is! I was trying to work out how much older than the twins he is- then you said his age. Weve decided not to begin the twins with their formal schooling next year- rather to continue with the preschool work I use with them. I know they have a ways to go before they are ready for phonics lessons etc. but it does sound like your little fellow is doing really well there!
Enjoy your precious boy!


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