Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The End of an Era and a Jesse Tree

I have been taking my children to Mainly Music for 6 years now - since Saraya was 2 and Elijah was in my belly. :) William has been coming along since conception too! Today was Christmas break-up day, and the end of an era for my big two children who will not be able to attend next year. They will be busy at school.

Of course I took lots of photos! Here's some to share.....

Thank you beautiful Petrina for 6 wonderful years of fun! We love you!

And this afternoon we found some branches and sprayed them gold and started our first ever Jesse Tree. It was exciting!!! The children are getting into the idea already, of following along with God's story, His story from the very beginning through to the coming of Jesus, anticipated and planned since creation! I cut out and laminated all the little 'ornaments' last night, the Bible verses and stories are printed and ready, and I'm so looking forward to this Jesse Tree being part of our Advent and our anticipation of Christmas Day.

Wishing you an Advent filled with the peace and joy of Jesus' coming.


Asian Hot Happenings said...

Hey Saminda! I am so doing the Jesse Tree with the boys! what a great idea! I know I have asked you this before...but what do you use for teaching reading with your homeschooling? Did you use an ebook? Sorry to bother you with it again...but I cant find the email anywhere you sent me. Anyways...hope all is well and that you sell your house soon. Moving is no fun! Love, Marlana

sarah in the woods said...

Thanks for the Jesse Tree link. I wanted to do one this year but wasn't finding one I liked. This one is perfect.

Vic said...

I had tears again looking at your pics from music, I think I may need a decent sleep! haha! It is so lovely, Petrina is just so special. Love the Jesse tree too, we might have to do one next year! xx

Kimmie said...

Hi Saminda

I was just reading about a JESSE Tree as I was thinking of things we could do to prepare our hearts...not sure I understood from the site I found?


AmFriend said...

Lovely photos marking the ending of Mainly Music and opening the door for the beginning of out of home schooling for Saraya and Elijah.

Your laminated ornaments look lovely.

Wishing you joy, peace,love and time to reflect on His greatest gift this Christmas season.

Garden Girl said...

We started our first ever Jesse Tree this year as well! I will have to check out that website. Those ornaments are beautiful!

Smilie girl said...

Cool idea about the Jesse tree. Thanks for the link.
I've only heard good stories about Mainly Music and I'm sure it's been a wonderful time for your children.
All the best in this next stage.

Renata said...

I only found the Jesse Tree link the other day as well - however I haven't been organised enough to get everything together for it yet.
Will you be continuing Will with Mainly music next year?
Hope you enjoy these last couple of weeks of term & all your Christmas preperations!


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