Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life Goes On

And so Life Goes On!

* We are in 4th Term, the busiest time of year for us (and everyone else)

* Stuart's annual Prep Movie premiered last night at the school, with a shared dinner and an actual Red Carpet for all the little prep movie stars to walk down - gorgeous! The photos above I took last night. We really dressed up for the event!

* Report card time for Stuart

* I started online Christmas Shopping this week. Thank you Ebay and the Oxfam Australia website! Oh, and the Book Depository...

* We have signed a contract on a house!!!! Here is a sneak-peak photo of the front for you:

* It is very different from our current house. It is low maintainance, much smaller block of land, etc. It's going to be a huge change for us, but there are some great points about it - 4 bedrooms instead of 3, rumpus room with internal and external access for my piano teaching, quiet cul-de-sac with only about 6 houses in the street, already has a chook house, sandpit, and the list goes on. We really love it.

* Buying this house will hopefully cut a huge chunk off our current mortgage, which will alleviate the financial stress we've had since moving here.

* We have 60 days in which to have a contract signed on our place for the contract to become unconditional. We'd appreciate your prayers that we sell quickly!

* We are working really hard to get our place listed. The agent is coming out on Wednesday so it's all systems go here. I've been cleaning all week, and gardening/weeding/mulching today. Stuart is working hard on the property as well as dealing with all his teacher responsibilities at the moment. Poor guy is really tired.

* My health is going pretty well, thankfully. I am using my medication as needed, and it definitely helps. Still having lots of headaches and am looking forward to getting to the bottom of those soon. I am heading to another town on Tuesday afternoon to have an exercise stress test for my heart, to make sure it responds normally to exercise. Here's hoping. :)

* The kids are all doing great. Saraya works through her contract sheets each week, as well as several dozen chapter books. :) She continues with her art classes on Saturday mornings which she loves. Stu takes her while I do my music teaching. I'll put up some photos of her art sometime soon. Elijah and Saraya both start swimming lessons on Monday. Eli is really excited for his Prep Orientation Day next Tuesday morning. Will is still his bubbly self, certainly growing up in leaps and bounds. He really wants goggles at the moment. :) I think I'll take him to toddler swimming lessons next year while the children are at school.

* I need to go change Will's nappy and get into some more weeding.

That's it, all caught up!


Smilie girl said...

Phew! Sure sounds busy.
Congratulations on the new house. I'm sure you will miss your current home but reducing financial stress is a very sensible thing :)
Hope the listing and selling goes well.
Have a great weekend.

Karen said...

The house looks great! And general life sounds lovely, although busy.

sarah in the woods said...

Wow, so much going on with you! I haven't been reading much of anyone's blogs lately. I had to go back through and catch up on all your news. Cute house, and I hope you get to feeling better. I hope everything smooths out and works out well. Your kids look so cute!

Queen of the Natives said...

man you guys are busy :O! Hope the testing goes very well and no problems :) I like your lovely house and it's features sound perfect so here comes my little prayer for you and your fam! And congrats on the premier Stu :D

Juliana E. said...

Love the "new" house! I will be sending prayers your way for a quick sale and low stress during the moving process! Also, saying a prayer that those headaches go away! Good luck and keep up updated!

Kimmie said...

Your new house is so cute! I will be praying for all your details to come together quickly, so you can move on to this next stage of life.

Wish I could come over and help you.

Glad you are feeling a bit better.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

AmFriend said...

Thanks for catching us up on your busy life. Congrats on the purchase of your new to you home. Sounds like it will be a good compromise for you all. Praying that you get a reasonable and fair offer in the next 55ish or so days. Here's to reduces stress, financial strain, and to more time for Stu to relax with the family.
Glad your health is doing better!!
Hugs, A

Renata said...

Hi Saminda
ItÅ› lovely to catch up on your news - sounds like you sure are busy there! I hope your house sells quickly - a smaller mortgage is definitely a blessing (sometimes I wish ours were smaller even though the farm is finally paying for itself). I hope you have a wonderful week
God bless

momto9 said...

glad you seem to be doing laright under the circumstances and that you found a lower maintenance house!
I have a question...I remember you saing that your daughter will be attending school because of your health. Is this still so? I wondered how you found homeschooling to be for you? Was it what you expected..did you see a positive change in your daughter etc. The reason I ask is because I'm considering it and wanted the opinion of someone who had done both.
Maybe you can email me


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