Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Big City

Last Friday we took off for the Big City, 3 hours south of here. We enjoyed lots of time over the weekend with both Stuart's family and mine, met our new little nephew Ezra, gave and received lots of wonderful gifts, stayed at my Mum's for 2 nights, caught the bus into the city (much to the children's delight!), shopped for the childrens' annual ornament for their own little collection, and visited the "Christmas Windows" at the Myer Centre, the theme of which was The Nutcracker this year.

William received a priceless cross-stitched stocking from Mum - sooooo beautiful - and a tool kit from an Aunt which may get an award for "present of the year" from William. He hasn't stopped tinkering with his tools yet. :) And he loved learning the names of all the gadgets with my brother Michael who is a mechanic!

Praise God for this wonderful time of year, for holidays, and for the precious gift of Jesus.

Now I'm off to wrap some gifts for my children while they are out in town on errands with Stuart!


Karen said...

How fun!

Queen of the Natives said...

Lovely trip Min :) I especially love the idea of their own special Christmas ornament. I have a feeling your brother will be called on a lot by little Will in the future. A mechanic! Too lucky :D Loved the pics with baby Ezra. Gorgeous boy.

Smilie girl said...

Looks like loads of fun!

AmFriend said...

That stocking your Mum made (or found) for William is GORGEOUS and stunning. I love the picture of Ezra and Saraya face to face. It is so sweet.

Renata said...

What a fun trip you had! Your nephew is so cute!
My boys have a tool kit similair & they LOVE it too - little men in the making!
Have a wonderful Christmas my sweet friend

Smilie girl said...

Also, thanks so much for the super beautiful card! I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Garden Girl said...

I'm just now trying to get caught up on reading my favorite blogs! So happy you liked the package and it arrived before Christmas. Love what your children did with the angels!

The stocking is gorgeous. You have a very talented Mum!


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