Sunday, December 5, 2010

We Trimmed the Tree

A Christmas Welcome!

William had the honour of putting the Star on top this year, and boy was he excited about it! Darling boy.

Then we cut the Christmas Cake (happy birthday Jesus!).....

... and enjoyed all the twinkling lights. I love how they reflect in the windows and the tiles. Truly, this annual evening of putting up our tree, complete with Christmas nibbies and Christmas music, stories, exclamations of "oo" and "ah" from the kiddies - it's one of my favourite times of the year. I love our tree!


Smilie girl said...

A beautiful tree. I love the reflections too.
Lots of fun decorating the tree.

Karen said...

Beautiful! What exactly is the "Christmas Cake"? Not a tradition I'm familiar with in our area. Some families around here make a "Happy Birthday, Jesus" birthday cake for Christmas though.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

So did we this week - trimmed the tree and could not contain the twins' excitement at getting to do this on their birthday. They also made their own cake - absolutely insisted - it turned out a little crazy with a mix of butterflies and tiny teddy biscuits but as one girl told me.'It doesn't matter we like it'!'
I can see your children had lots of fun trimming your tree. Oh the memories!

Sarah said...

Just ran across your blog through a comment on Pleasant View Schoolhouse. You have a lovely site!

I agree with Karen's comment above: what is a Christmas Cake? It looks delicious!

AmFriend said...

Lovely tree and the reflections of the lights add to the ambiance.


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