Friday, June 10, 2011

Winter's Arrival

Well, this week has turned bitterly cold. Bitterly, bitterly cold.

I live in sunny Queensland - trust me, for us, this kind of cold - well, it's bitter, and kind of a shock to our systems.

So the jumpers, gloves, scarves and beanies have all made their appearances. The laundry basket fills more quickly with all the extra layers. We all appear a couple of sizes bigger. ;) And with all the hot tea and coffee I'm drinking, and the winter warming foods I've been enjoying..... if I'm not careful I soon will be a couple of sizes bigger! Just today I've started filling up on fresh fruit again instead of other things. Feeling inspired with health again is good. :)

Today I've enjoyed some peaceful alone time as the older children are at school and William is at kindy. It's been delightful - peaceful music, a little reading ("Picnic at Hanging Rock", which I haven't read since high school), a nice hot shower, cooking tonight's pasta dish...... and now, packing. Tomorrow morning after I teach my music students, Saraya, Elijah, William and I are driving 2 hours south to the Sunshine Coast to stay with my parents, brother and his fiance for the long weekend. I'm really looking forward to spending time with my family.

It's kind of funny packing jeans and jackets for a weekend at the beach...... but when winter comes early, and with a bite to the air, it's necessary! Hope you are all having a delightful Friday.


Smilie girl said...

Enjoy your weekend and stay nice and cozy.

Karen said...

And on this side of the world it is miserably hot...actually cooled down a bit today after some thunderstorms last night. Enjoy your tea/coffee!

sarah said...

That is a shock to the system. We're experiencing something similar. Tuesday we were loading and the boys had to wear their winter coats while helping. I've been wearing a turtleneck almost every day! I think I'll stay in until it gets warmish around 2 today.

Laura said...

Oh, dear Min, I promise, I understand. The temperatures that I call "too hot" would likely be just fine for you- so you can laugh all you like at me.

Right now, we're having a chilly rainy time, so probably not too much warmer than you. I know all about bundling to go to the beach... I do it all the time! And I'm also eating the warm comfort foods. I've had something like three batches of rice pudding this week, and while my tummy is loving it, I doubt my doctor (or my pants) will approve!
Stay warm, you're in my thoughts and prayers!


Renata said...

Hi Saminda
I hope you're having a lovely time with your family! It is really, really cold down here this year as well - at least it means there is snow for our annual snowtrip in July (last year it was all man made - it was a late season). I always find the extra washing in winter frustrating - it takes triple the time to dry, but there is at least double the amount - seems I'm never caught up at the moment. Oh well I am thankful to have washing!
Hope you are going well - I've been thinking of & praying for you dear friend.
Enjoy your weekend

Jen's Busy Days said...

I was lucky to own 2 jumpers while living in Brisbane. Every August blow was a bit of a shock. Then after a move to Hobart, Launceston and Dorrigo I have improved my wardrobe somewhat for cold weather. I can handle almost anything now, although I think snow would be a bit much.

Hope you had a nice time away and didn't come home sick.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Nicola said...

And just as the summer warmth semi-arrived here!


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