Friday, June 3, 2011

What's Happening?

I've received several personal emails from readers, asking what's happening here at the moment. My blogging isn't very regular lately, and for that I apologise! I'm sure one day soon things will settle and I'll be back into some sort of routine.

So.... what's been happening?

The children have been busy with school and all that that entails. Projects, homework, reading, friends, birthday parties, life. All three of them are really thriving at the moment.

William and I have enjoyed long walks in the mornings together, and cuddles at home - trying to keep warm, it has been really cold the last couple of weeks!

I have visited my home city twice in the last month - the first time was a fleeting visit, to see an amazing vocal teacher and have a singing lesson with her - that was incredibly inspiring. I've been working hard on my singing ever since, both as a soloist and in a female quartet some friends and I have formed up here. We're already being offered some gigs, so that's promising. :)
The second time was to spend a day with my Mum, and visit with some old friends if mine. It has given me strength, spending time there.

Stuart and I are still living together, though as separate people. We are going through the looong processes you must go through when separating... and it's been a rather gruelling time for us both. There's not much else to report - other than we are okay, I have started having counselling, and we are both getting lots of support from friends.

Today I'm planning for Elijah's 6th birthday party, which is tomorrow. He is SO excited. :D

I'll leave you with this link to one of our "Sisters" rehearsals the other night. It's rough, and one of the quartet is missing, but it's something to show you! Cover of "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan.


AmFriend said...

Thanks for the update. Continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers.

I like this cover better than your 1st one.

Hugs, A

~Amanda said...

Thanks for taking the time to update. I'm glad the children are doing well in school. They are just so adorable - all of them!

Continuing to pray for your whole family. I know how hard things must be for you all.


Heather said...

I'm glad you posted this. You've been on my mind often.

Laura said...

Oh dear Min, I'm praying for you to have strength and courage and peace. Love and grace to all of you...

There is no pressure to blog through these times, I hope... I love to read about your daily life and those wonderful children, but I completely understand that life gets in the way of the most well-intentioned of bloggers. :)

Rest, breathe, and know that you are loved and prayed for constantly.


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