Tuesday, January 12, 2010


* Vegetable garden hoed, manure dug in, mulch and deep watering applied

* Apple tree #2 planted

* Nectarine, peach x 2, apple x 2, orange, lemon, guava x 2, passionfruit x 3 and three unidentifiable fruit trees all weeded, mulched and watered well.

I'm tired and sore and headachy, but feeling satisfied with what I got done today! I need to plant in my youngberry and pawpaw trees tomorrow, and I'll be done working in the orchard for a while. Phew!!

This is one of the passionfruit vines, growing on a trellis.....

... and Stu is kindly rigging up another one for me, for the youngberry vine I'm planting.

Passionfruit vines all in bud - hooray!!!


Apple #2



Vegetable patch ready to go!

These little ones also popped into the toy library with Stuart while I did the grocery shopping .... so many new fun things to enjoy .... here they were while I watered this afternoon, sitting in the grass playing a new card game - which is apparently hilarious as they were laughing all the while! Love that toy library!


jazzy cat said...

Oh to have a decent patch of land!!!! Looks heavenly Min! And you shall reap the rewards (esp. the passionfruits! Yum!)....

Helen said...

Way to go Min - such an achievement!! Could you please bring my box of packing paper in with you tomorrow - I'm beginning to need it! Thanks. Seeya then.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Wow - you have been busy Saminda. I wish you well with your garden. Our mini orchard is doing ok but still waiting for the fruit! The paw paws came first but I really want nectarines! The Davidson plums are flourishing (should fruit next season) and I spotted my first almost ripe lilly pilly yesterday. It has been really hot and humid here but everything is growing including the weeds! We have a huge bale of straw to mulch and now I need to find time to actually get it onto the gardens!

Sandra said...

Your list of trees was making my mouth water! I am so excited (and envious) about your orchard. Passionfruit is definitely my favourite.
We had lunch in your town on Saturday. I was trying to remember the name of the cafe you like but we found a yummy bakery instead. Maryborough certainly is a lovely place.

sarah in the woods said...

Sounds like a big day but well worth it. Looks wonderful!


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