Saturday, January 23, 2010

Painting and Ice Play

"I love this Mama, SO much!!"

Freezing tiny plastic toys in containers of water creates a very fun ice game on a hot day!

My princess, hard at work.

Apron on, ready to paint!

Painting with a Cockatoo feather we found in the garden.

My baby artist taking a bottle break :)


A good Friday! And now enjoying the weekend, very very much. :) Husband home, work getting done in the garden, friends coming for afternoon tea today, time to read my book, colour-in with Saraya, and brace myself for starting the new school year on Monday!!


Karen said...

looks like fun!

Kimmie said...

Ice play...what a wonderful idea!!
(of course we are at opposite seasons, as we speak my kids are at *ice play* ...because our yard is a sheer layer of ice covered snow. ;-) I will tuck your tip away for a summer day! (thanks!)

Your artists look so happy at their work. Funny that our week was similar ;-)

sending a hug...and thank you for your donation last week. We came down with a stomach bug, so I am a bit behind with my thank you's.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted said...

You know, brilliant idea with the toys in ice......with a dinosaur study, freeze dinosaurs or 'bones' in ice and then chip them out ~ this idea came to me while reading your post.

the happy sparrow said...

I will have to try the frozen toy/ice play idea! Brilliant for this hot weather!! :) Martine


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