Monday, January 4, 2010

Snippets of My Day

It is still raining. As in it started up last night as we cooked at the barbeque...... and it rained all night...... and all day today. Just that lovely drizzly you can walk in if you choose, though you will still get wet. Very typically English weather. Very green. Fresh. Damp.

Saraya was unimpressed with the rain. Yesterday she learnt to ride her bike without training wheels! She rode most of the afternoon, down the hills and across the land. First thing this morning she wanted to ride - but it's a bit much in the wet, when you're just learning! So she's looking forward to seeing the sun again soon so she can ride her bike.

Mind you, she and Elijah still spent plenty of time outside today, with umbrellas. :)

The chicks are growing well - maybe a rooster in there... I don't know yet - and Lavender has obviously decided they are big enough to venture away from the coup now.

She's had them out in the garden the past couple of afternoons. They are so quick it was hard to photograph them! Sometimes the other hens have a go at them, so they've learnt to move FAST!

Our land is so green now, it looks completely different to when we bought. Saraya took this photo from the end of our driveway this afternoon when she was playing around with the camera.

Stuart took all three children to town on errands this morning and I used the time to really sort out their bedroom.

I tell you, it was in bad shape! Christmas had come through like a small cyclone and mess had accumulated on every shelf and under beds etc. But I changed beds, cleaned off bookcases, threw out rubbish and sorted the toys.... and all is good as new!

What a great feeling to accomplish this - it's been a job I've been wanting to do but lacked the opportunity. Thank you Stu for creating one for me! The children did help me in the preliminary stages with this, but I needed some time without them here to sort out some stuff they would have insisted on keeping.......

This alone is what I collected from Saraya's shelves..... lots and lots and lots of bits of nature, everywhere. I bundled it up and told her it needed to go back out to the garden by tea time so she spent an hour or so drawing things in her Nature Notebook before trecking it all outside. :)

We had our friends Jane and Matt and their two boys for tea last night, and they brought this gorgeous housewarming gift for us...

It's already mounted outside on the verandah and I just love it!!! Thank you guys, you are so special to us!

It's been a lovely day. Lots of rain, cooler air, child-free time, and sorting / cleaning achieved... I'm one happy lady tonight. :) And now I'm off to finish my book - "The Book Thief" by Marcus Zusak - if I can get to the end before I go to sleep. :) Goodnight friends!


Renata said...

I'm so pleased you are getting some rain. We got a good amount at Christmas time! It is also greening up here - which is very unusual for summer! Your chicks are so cute - I love the fact that they are different colours!
Well done Saraya for learning to ride w/out training wheels!
I also cleaned the kids rooms today (actually the whole bedrooms end of the house which includes 2 bathrooms). I had to dispose of Ellie's new "rock collection" - she has decided to bring a rock in each time she goes on the farm. I hope you do have a restful evening!
Renata :)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I too want and need to do the big sort of our kids rooms.
But yes the will is there but not the uninterupted opportunity!
It looks that you live in a beautiful part of the world,Are you marybourogh QLD OR VIC???

AmFriend said...

Wow love the housewarming present your friends brought you!

Chocolate Vegetables said...

I need to do a bit of cleaning around here too. Amazing how not having the structure of school days makes more mess than I like.

So glad to see your land looking so green too. Do you have your house block fenced off separately to the main block? I used to hate getting chook poo in the house and would have liked a series of fences to keep an area poop free for playing.

Love your housewarming gift.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Linden said...

Now I really want to come and visit you! I could take Saraya out on a bike trip! ^_^



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