Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cleaning Day

I don't know about you, but I love cleaning day. For me, it used to be Fridays. Recently I have made the shift to Wednesdays. William and I both look forward to working hard together, cleansing and beautifying our home! We took a little break at midday today, and took our lunch to the park. First we walked our usual 40 minute lap around the Lagoon, then we picnicked and had a swing. :) Then we came home to finish the cleaning!

Today we cleaned the front entryway, the bathrooms, the floors, the dusting, the kitchen, and a big tidy and clean in both the children's bedrooms. Nothing more wonderful than looking around and seeing and smelling the freshness around you!

Welcome to the boys' adventure play and retreat area :) :

This is William's permanent set-up. Barn, tractors, farmers, animals = little boy bliss.

Cheeky helper.

Reading station.

Will sleeps on the lower bunk and Elijah on the top. Will always wants his blue playsilk hanging above his bed!

And Welcome to my princess' dreamland and personal art gallery:

Raggedy Ann and Andy are here to greet you at the door!

Her favourite pieces of art work adorn her walls. Her beautiful patchwork quilt was a gift from her Grandad last Christmas.

Double layers of books... :)

Whenever I do a full clean of our home I always cut fresh flowers to put in my favourite vase. You've no idea how *dead* the flowers were in this very vase this morning...... ahem. Let's just say it was time to replace them with some fresh ones. ;)

I love blessing my children by making their bedrooms shine from time to time. Keeping them tidy is the children's responsibility, but every now and then each room needs a Mama's touch, right?

The after-school reunion is sweet, each and every day.

What is your favourite household chore? Do you have a specific cleaning day or do you spread the cleaning out through the week? I'd love to hear from you.


Queen of the Natives said...

oh lol, Min! My cleaning is all over the place. Usually Tuesday and Fidays but I have been known to do it Sunday arvo in an effort to free my week from it. I miss screen doors so much. I have to dust weekly! I'm so envious of you girls who get out of it. Your boys have a beautiful space and Saraya must thrive in hers.

Smilie girl said...

Such amazingly beautiful tidy rooms. Great work.
The house works better when I'm in a routine but I'm not there at the minute. I try to do it while they are at school but sometimes Saturday is when washing needs doing.

AmFriend said...

I typically clean on Thursdays. I think my favorite chore is vacuuming. I used to LOATHE dusting, but since I don't have near the amount of clutter I used to have, it's not as bad now. I do loathe dusting as frequently as I have to here. Lower humidity = more dust = more frequent dusting. I love a clean, organized home.

Your flowers and vase are gorgeous. Saraya is a gifted artist.


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