Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Children

It's what we all strive for, isn't it? Happy children? A peaceful home? Laughter? Contentment?

I am blessed to tell you that I have happy children this week. And lots of laughter, contentment, and a peaceful home to boot!

I can assure you it isn't always the case, but right now, things are beautiful. My little bubbly wonder is playing and growing and being adorable. His two-year-old chubby cuddles are my delight. My middle boy has found joy in Prep! He was awarded 'Student of the Week' this week for exceptional behaviour and helpfulness in his classroom. He thanks me all the time for letting him go to school! And my big girl is just so settled at the moment. She is calm, and helpful, and happy. She reached the big '10 sticker' mark in her sticker book at school yesterday, and chose a blueberry scented eraser to bring home. :) She was thrilled! She too adds to her prayers most nights "thank you for school".

Thanking God for happy children and His incredible blessings over us this week.


Karen said...

So glad it's going well!

AmFriend said...

Thankful that everyone is in good spirits at your place. Love that precious photo of giggly William and his happy, beautiful momma.

Congrats to both Saraya and Elijah for their milestones at school!

Amanda said...

That is so lovely - definitely a blessing to be thankful for. So glad things are settling nicely for you.

Sharnee Torrents said...

So happy for you!! What wonderful achievements for your precious children!!! A happy house is indeed such a delight! Remember this, write it down and when it's a little grey reflect back again!! Hope the rest of the week is fabulous!
SMiles SHarnee :)

Renata said...

Hi Saminda
I've missed you, but am looking forward to catching up on all your news now!
So pleased to hear that all is going well - school sounds like it was the right decision for you guys (& I love the fact that their Dad is there anyway)! Will is growing so much bigger - is it my imagination or does he look more like Elijah?
Have a wonderful week

Heather said...

This is wonderful, Saminda! I love the picture of you and little Will. So sweet :)

I'm hoping that I'll soon be able to say that all is happy and calm here. We're all a bit unsettled at the moment.


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