Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Golden Day with William

Today I am really really missing my children. :( Saraya and Elijah are in school, and William is at kindy. And unless I pop out for a visit at school tomorrow (which I may well do), I won't see them until Saturday morning. I have a sinus infection too, and feel kind of lousy - and the weather is so bleak that I think it's adding to my blue feelings.

But yesterday - ah, yesterday. Yesterday truly was one of those Golden Days (despite the rain outside). Breakfast seemed leisurely, we had time to chat and read a few stories before taking the older two children to school. William and I met a friend and her son at the park and enjoyed a long walk (once again between showers!) while the two boys chatted to each other in their prams which was very cute.

We came home and had some fruit and set about finding all the little bits and pieces of toys to return to our wonderful Toy Library - then headed off to exchange them for some new ones. This really is one of William's favourite outings!

The next few hours were spent at home again, cleaning and washing (for me) and exploring all the new toys (for Will).

We had a break around noon and made a batch of hommus (great recipe). It turned out well and Willy and I enjoyed a hommus and crackers/carrot sticks/apple slices picnic on the kitchen floor. :)
We ended the day by playing the card game "What's Missing". Will loves games and is quite good at them I've found. The Toy Library stocks lots of these toddler/preschool games, and books too. I borrowed out "More Secrets of Happy Children" by Steve Biddulph for myself to read.

I feel so blessed to get this special time with my littlest boy. Love all my babies so much!

Thanks to those who have already commented on this post. Please, if you ever drop in and read my blog, if you are a long-term follower or a brand new reader, I want to hear from you! It's a chance for me to discover who is out there, and for you to let me know what you enjoy reading here or have always wanted to know! :)


Renata said...

Hi Saminda
I hope your infection clears up really quickly - they sure do make you feel miserable. I hope you get your visit in to school - I can imagine how much you must miss your precious children & how difficult this all is for you ~ I'm praying for you dear friend.
I hope you have a wonderful few days

Heather said...

He gets cuter every time I see him! Plus, I see that he is all boy, just like my DJ. That child loves anything that moves and makes noise.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Have you tried a neti pot for your sinuses? I've found mine to be quite helpful.

Christy said...

Hi Saminda!
the toy library toys look great - we might have to explore that option! Jesse said he really liked the excavator :) Love these boys!

Smilie girl said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.
So pleased to hear of your wonderful day with William. He's a lovely fellow.
And your hommus looks yum. Might give that a try.


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