Friday, August 12, 2011

I Love to Write

I really really do. Sometimes I can't think of a way to coherently tie my thoughts together, so I avoid putting pen to paper..... or fingers to keyboard...... but not today. Today, I want to write. So I will.

It is Friday. It is late winter but already you can smell that spring isn't far away. The coming weeks will bring warmer weather and longer days. I'm looking forward to that. This has been a COLD winter - and this is a very very cold house. My next door neighbour Stan, a darling 90-something year old man who lives alone ("my wife died 4 years ago dearie" he told me through teary eyes the first time we spoke at the fence) tells me he has lived in very cold places in his life, and this winter Maryborough has been as cold as any of them. He is right. Spring can't come soon enough. These houses are built for summer's heat, not winter's chill.

This morning I determined when I woke up that I wasn't doing anything until I had finished reading Water for Elephants. I had planned to read yesterday but ended up having a friend visit in the afternoon and stay through until late last night. We managed to watch "Once" and "Julie and Julia" - both fantastic movies by the way! Julie and Julia is a must see if you're a blogger. ;)

So.... I read. I read and read and read. I ate some porridge and had my coffee..... 10am came around and still I read. I finished it about 10:30 - it was so wonderful, read it please!!

I got dressed and went for a blissfully uneventful bike ride round the park. I say uneventful because yesterday's ride was erm.... not. One of the pedals happened to fly off when I was half-way round the track. Thankfully I didn't topple or hurt myself (which would have been a typically me thing to do.... still, the pedal is close enough) - but as I rooted around in the grass looking for the lost pedal two pristine-looking joggers in their "proper" running gear jogged past me. "Ha, I'm ... I'm.... just having issues with my pedal" I stammered quietly as they glanced at me. They didn't reply.

Half an hour later I was home, having unsuccessfully tried to reattach the pedal and failed (you need a spanner or wrench or something - neither of which I own and certainly didn't have with me on my morning ride) so I walked the bike home, pedal in one hand, broken bike in the other.

A friend reattached it for me last night while I was teaching a singing student. And so this morning I was thankful to make it all the way round the riding track, and home again, uneventfully. It's a beautiful day outside.

Since then I have tackled some housework, begun my next book (Ahn Do's memoir "The Happiest Refuge" - he's an Aussie comedian and the book is highly recommended), baked a dozen raspberry and choc chip and a dozen apple and cinnamon muffins for the kids' lunch boxes next week, and tidied up the front garden beds a bit. They have flowers, strawberries and herbs planted in them, but they're not mulched so I'm having to pinch the weeds and grass out of them fairly often. Picked a bunch of petunias and daisies for the dining room table.

I then looked up the 2002 blog of Julie Powell which inspired the film Julie and Julia. It's fascinating! Wish I had time to read the whole thing - all 365 entries. :-)

And now..... well, I'm here, writing. Did I mention I love to write? If I could find someone to pay me to stay home and write all day long I'd be supremely happy. So long as I could break free and (be paid to) sing on stage every so often. Sounds perfect to me - any offers?

Alas, it is time to go fold the mount everest washing pile in my bedroom. Then a walk. Then roast a chicken and make a salad for dinner. Then coffee with my dear friend Petrina tonight.

Thanks for listening!


Smilie girl said...

wonderful to hear of your day. Nothing quite like a good book, is there?

AmFriend said...

Have Water for Elephants on my must read list. Wish the chocolate chip raspberry muffins would survive the trip overseas, as they sound delish! Good to hear from you and wish I could be the one to pay you to stay home and write all day. Hugs and love, A

Karen said...

I read the book, Julie & Julia, and enjoyed it immensely.

Jen's Busy Days said...

Sam, your days sound a lot more slower paced with the kids in school. That would be nice some days here to have. 4 boys keep me very busy.

Do you mind me asking... how are your heart issues? I had a little blackout this last week and my doctor is sending me off for lots of blood tests and an ECG. I am quite scared.

Love to know how yours is,
Jen in NSW

Renata said...

Oh I love that movie too (in fact Dave bought it for me so I own it!!) It has certainly been cold down here also, but thankfully our houses are made for it ~ I think that's the difference, although the temperatures are colder down here, the homes are made for the cold weather - I remember our Qld home being cold when it was 20 degrees, here it doesn't even reach that temp until spring, but the home is so well insulated it doesn't matter!
I love writing as well - one reason I love blogging so much!
Have fun

Heather said...

I saw Julie and Julia when it was in theatres, but just today I finished the book. It was very funny, and as you said, I could really identify with her experiences and feelings as a blogger. I long for exactly what Julie Powell achieved - to parlay my blog into a writing career! It will probably never happen, but I can dream. From what I understand, Julie Powell is quite disliked now after her second book, which is about her extramarital affair, but I don't know any more than that.


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