Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh Dear...

... I have failed at regular blogging yet again.

Life continues on as always.

The children wake, I feed them, organise their uniforms and lunch boxes, take them to school, spend the day with William, pick up the children, feed them, help them with homework, readers, organise pyjamas, bath them, feed them .... I think you get the idea.

And of course there is the laundry and the grocery shopping and the meal planning and the appointments and just the things of life which soak up time.

And so blogging falls by the wayside, again. Forgive me?

In my *spare* time, I have been exercising rather a lot - walking from home to the lagoon / walking track nearby, walking the track, then walking home again. Every day in fact. And I just purchased a second hand bike so will be riding that a few days a week as well. William and I often walk to town too, to the shops or library or the bank. He always claims he will "walk please Mama, the whole way there" - then proceed to 'get tired' after 3 minutes. I always take the stroller for that reason. Never go on the word of the toddler. ;) After my gallant effort exercising pre- Music Man, I have gained a few kilos again. I'm determined to lose them!

Also, I have been reading. Have you heard of Mireille Guiliano? She wrote the popular "French Women don't get Fat", which I thoroughly enjoyed some months ago. I just read her third book, "Women, Work and the art of Savoir Faire", which I would also recommend. Then came "Oranges are not the only fruit" - a rather controversial novel which I wouldn't really recommend but did captivate me for the 24 hours during which I read it. I am now reading "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen, having seen the film a few months back. It is a wonderful book, highly recommended. :)

So begins my "weekend" tomorrow (Thursday), as the children spend the next two days with their Papa. I have plans to walk to town to market shop for fruit and veggies, do some cooking, laundry, teach four music students, have coffee with a friend Friday night, clean the house, take some walks and bike rides...... and read. And probably tackle some (much needed) piano and singing practice as well. All these things are good things, things I look forward to doing, and things which will distract me from missing my babies while they are gone. Most of all I look forward to Saturday morning when they'll come home again.

What are you up to this week? What are you reading?


Renata said...

Hi Saminda
It's lovely to have an update from you - & yes, I completely understand about not being able to regularly update - I often get too busy with "real life" to update! (Which is the way it should be). We are shearing today, so now I've just finished my breaky I'm going to do our morning jobs around the house & then head down to the shed (Dave & the shearers are already there started). I hope you can get some rest over the next couple of days & are ready for your busy weekend ahead. Praying for you dear friend~
Have a great weekend

Kimmie said...

Glad you found a minute. It must be very hard to get so many bits and pieces done.

Your walks with William sound lovely. I love that you walk to town to shop...sounds like a perfect home you found.

Enjoy your weekend. (((hug)))

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Heather said...

I LOVED "Water for Elephants!" Is the movie as good as the book? I'm reluctant to see it because I find that I'm almost always disappointed.

Linden said...

At least you're not alone in being irregular about blogging, right? *guilty look*

I'm so glad to know that you're doing well- I know it's tough, but hang in there. I think of you often while I'm at work and wish I could come see you and enjoy a cuppa together. :-) Enjoy the weekend and relax some- that's almost as important as exercising, I'm convinced. We cannot run all the time, but I'm proud of you for keeping active!

Take care of yourself, dear one.
Love and grace,

Melanie said...

Hi Saminda

I used to love riding my bike down to Ululah with my friend and just hanging out, sometimes challenging ourselves and doing the fitness circuit (not sure if that's still there) and of course feeding the ducks and geese. I bet the kids love it.

Speaking of bikes - your town is such a great place to own one. My Grandma lived there and she didn't have a licence or car, but used to ride her bike around town to do her shopping. She lived not far from the Rose Garden and some of her ashes are there.

My week has been busy with cleaning, volunteering and working.

Reading - I am about to go and pick up a book on reserve at the library - Sweet Poison - which I am hoping with convince me to make changes to my sweet tooth!! (It'll have to be pretty convincing!)

Also just finished listening to Eat Pray Love on audiobook, which was just wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing the movie.

Have a good week!

Saminda said...

You are all so precious. :) Thank you for your kind words! I love my bloggy friends very much.

Melanie - it is so special to me that you used to live here and know the places I write about! We used to live on Kent St near the Rose Garden - that's a beautiful place too. I enjoyed the film Eat Pray Love - but I've heard the book is much better. :) Blessings. xx


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