Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Still Here Friends.....

Please don't give up on me! I have this awful feeling that once our internet is back up and running, everyone will have forgotten me. :( I promise, I will be back soon!!!

That's right, still no internet. And no promise of internet until the end of this coming week. *Sigh*. Once again we are spending our Sunday afternoon visiting Stuart's work - he is hanging kid's art and doing some paperwork, the children are playing and I am using the beloved internet. :)

On a positive note, this week has been a good one. Lots of learning done, gardening, cooking and baking and having friends visit, and reading, and cuddling babies and letter-writing, and dancing! Elijah has decided to dip out of tap, but Saraya loved it. And they both enjoyed their contemporary class. Stuart and I learned the first 30 seconds or so of our first routine - we are dancing to "Don't Rain on My Parade" which is one of our favourite show songs!! We have shiny silver top hats, and it's too fun to only do once a week! :) Still, it certainly gives me something to look forward to. I woke up very sore on Friday and Saturday.... then proceeded to mow all the grass down one side of the house, the front lawn and the orchard. Hmmm. But now I feel really good!! Stu has spent about 6 hours this weekend on a borrowed ride-on lawn mower too, and our grass is looking so much better. It was waist high in places. :( We should be getting our own ride-on soon. :)

I finished reading The Tale of Two Cities and have moved on to Anne of Ingleside (one of my favourites) as a nice, lighter contrast. :) I have been given a few books by friends lately too, so the reading will continue in lieu of the internet!

We had a wonderful surprise visit from my Mum and step-dad Ray yesterday which was SO nice!! Because they live 3 hours away we don't see them all that often, and certainly never spontaneously. It was very exciting. We had a nice lunch and then sat around drinking coffee and tea on the verandah (and eating passionfruit slice and chocolate brownies!) and talking for a few hours before they headed home. And next weekend is Mum's birthday so we'll be seeing them again then, hooray! :) Saraya has been crafting up a storm for Mum lately (lots of gifts) - I'll have to blog about them sometime.

I have so so so so so many photos to upload - will I ever catch up?!? I'm looking forward to sharing them soon.

Would you join me in continuing to pray for Kimmie and her family? You may remember I blogged about beautiful Kimmie last year. She and her husband have adopted 6 children, and they are getting ready to bring home another daughter from Ethiopia. Please pray that the funds they need will come through successfully, and on time! And pray for peace and trust too.

I have had a lovely time checking in on all your blogs. I miss you very much, and look forward to sharing more with you again soon.

Much love,

Saminda xo


Renata said...

Glad to hear you're going well, but looking forward to your full time return to this internet world! That mowing sounds like a lot of work - maybe you should get a sheep to mow for you - although they will probably "mow" the wrong things like all those lovely fruit trees you've planted!
Have a nice week - thinking of you
Renata :)

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

How could we forget you Saminda! It has not been that long and I know you will be back with us soon - hey but look at how much you are achieving! Perhaps we all need to take a break from cyberspace from time to time but there again if there were no blogs we would not have met you! And I'm looking forward to meeting you in person one day soon!

sarah in the woods said...

Praying for Kimmie - how exciting to be adopting again! And we won't leave you! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Karen said...

I love "Anne of Ingleside" also! And your summer days sound delightful...

AmFriend said...

Don't fret Mrs. Fern. You will not be forgotten! I check on your blog everyday still to see if you've rejoined us in cyberspace. Thank you for updating! Looking forward to having you back more routinely.

Kimmie said...

Sweet could I ever forget you! You have been etched onto my heart with the finger of God ;-)

Hey, if you want to send your letters over the pond...I'd be happy to receive them (and play the game!)

Miss you and believing God is using this time off in your life for bigger things.

God spoke to us about our daughter's name...yeah! A weight on this mother's heart has been lifted!!

love you...whether you are internet connected or not.

And thank you for asking others to pray for us.

Love you dear Saminda!

your friend...always

...they call me mommy... said...

WOW! Sounds like you are having a productive time...getting soo much done! I'm envious of the lawn mowing...I LOVE mowing our lawn, riding around listening to my IPOD, the birds dipping in for the bugs, and the smell of the fresh, cut grass! :) (can you tell that I'm buried in snow? :P) I promise not to forget you, btw! :) Can't wait to see your pictures!

Blessings, Saminda!


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