Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things I Love

* Sleeping all through the night and waking up feeling rested (this is rare!).

* Listening to worship music all morning, and listening to my children sing along.

* Cooking pancakes for breakfast.

* Morning coffee and morning read.

* Having the week planned out, feeling prepared.

* Baking fresh bread.

* Having friends drop in for a casual lunch, coffee and good old chat and play.

* Reading to my children.

* Playing on the floor with William.

* Having an afternoon rest.

* Watching my little ones explore around the dam, and then hearing all about their "facinating insects". :)

* Seeing our car pull up when my husband comes home from netball practice.

* Examining our hollow tree with Will, feeling the bark and talking with him about textures.

* Seeing a late summer storm brewing in the east.

* Picking 3 different kinds of Asian Greens from my garden to add to our dinner.

* Watching Papa and Will mow the lawn together! (this is Will's "big smile").

But mostly I love it when all these things that I love happen on the same day. :)


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

What beautiful day, I can just see how much you are enjoying your new property! - I also baked bread, made blueberry muffins rather than pancakes, spent time with the children picking salad leaves and cherry tomatoes. Also went to church this morning and this afternoon went for a walk to meet our new neighbours, have only just come home after spending several hours with them and have invited them and the other neighbours over for a barbecue next weekend.


Beautiful family you have!

Renata said...

Wonderful list! It looks so lovely & green there - I imagine that mower is getting quite the work out! I'm so glad your internet's back & sorry I didn't visit earlier - I've had quite a week. Anyway will go & look at the posts I've missed
Love to you my sweet friend
Renata :)


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