Friday, July 16, 2010

Us This Week

It has been cold. William and I have had a flu. Lots of post-production stuff to do with the Gala Concert has kept us very occupied. Meetings, phone calls, emails, letters. Stuart has gone back to work. I have spent time with friends. The children and I have visited the library and read lots and lots of books. We have chewed through a few more Firefly episodes with Kate (trying to get through all 14 before she leaves next week!). I have missed my family. I have struggled with lots of things. The kids and I have had an extra week of holidays. We will commence homeschooling formally again next week. I have cooked lots of soup, with lots of garlic. :)

And today, with me with fevers and a cough and very little endurance, we rested.

I actually slept in bed while the children played and watched a DVD and drew and coloured in and dressed up. They were amazingly helpful, praise God! And then we sat outside on a rug in the warm winter sunshine and had a picnic. And they had milos and I had tea. More tea.

And the sun warmed me. And Kate texted me to tell me she had just bought me a hot water bottle. Because she knows I am constantly cold through winter (if you don't know, I am an absolute frog!). And I cried. Again. For this thoughtful, wonderful friend, leaving.

And then I looked upon the little hand clutching my pyjama pants (in which I stayed all day today), and felt better.

The crusty face of my littlest son grinning at me.

My big girl, my responsible, mother-hen daughter, running her way through her day. This girl amazes me.
My big boy, my soft boy, by my side.

He is so loving. I am so blessed.

The wood ducks on the lawn. The sun overhead. The gum trees. The birds. The kittens at our feet.

He cares so much. He is faithful. Through the long days. Through the flus. Through all the unknowns. I cling to this. I cling and I trust and I hope and I listen.

So, that's us this week.


AmFriend said...

Hoping both you and William are feeling better soon. Thankful our God us faithful and that you (and I) have him to cling to.


Vic said...

Hoping you and William feel better soon Min. I think the flu is starting to hit our house too so you won't be alone! Vic xx

Smilie girl said...

Well said, AmFriend.
And I love a picnic in the back yard in the sun on a cold winter's day too. Very thereuptic. Might have to go and make some milo.

Renata said...

Hi Saminda
I hope you are feeling much better by now - being sick is just no fun. Relying on God is definitely the best thing through all the ups & downs. Hope your week of school has gone well - we've been back as well although with Zai's b'day & dance group we only did 3 days.
Have a lovely weekend
Love to you
PS Now I get to catch up on the posts I've missed - sorry it's been a while XO

Laura said...

This post was so beautiful.... blessings of love to you, and the children and Stuart!


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