Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hmmmm, this new blog background is very pink! I don't think I'll keep it for long. But it's nice to have a change. :) And speaking of pink, no I didn't give Michael the pink sash Ann!! His fiance turned 21 a few weeks ago, and it was hers. He didn't keep it on for long. ;)

Today has been nice so far. Tuesday is our town morning - Mainly Music and grocery shopping. I like having a home day followed by a town day, and so on. Balance is a great thing!

We've just had lunch and I'm sitting down for a breather while the children are into a game outside. Saraya has just washed some of her dolly clothes (again...), and now the children are set on capturing a little toad they have found and setting up a home for it! How to drag them inside for story time..?! It is nice they are so happy to play outdoors. They would do it all day if I let them. It hasn't always been this way, so I really really appreciate it!

Tonight I am excited to be joining a group of ladies who meet fortnightly for dessert, conversation and Bible study. It's run by a really sweet friend, and I'm quite looking forward to it. I haven't been part of a study group for about a year now, and I'm definitely due for one. :) It's always a pleasure to go out in the evening after a long day at home too!

Yesterday was a brilliant day because I purchased our Brisbane tickets for Wicked!!!!! :D Only 179 sleeps to go, apparently, according to a friend of mine who is going the same night as us. ;)

Now off to round up these kiddlies. I can no longer hear them, so they have ventured far! Time for rests, then the rest of the grocery unpacking, and some singing practice for Saraya and I, and more outdoor play before winding down with baths and dinner. Have a great Tuesday everyone.


AmFriend said...

Oh SO envious of your Wicked tix. Maybe I will have to try to plan a visit for Jan ;).

Renata said...

Hi Saminda
Sound like a lovely day you've had! I hope you enjoy the show - I've heard it's great from one of the bible college students that stayed with us a while ago - she went to Melb & then Sydney!!
Hope you have a great rest of your week!
I'm going to catch up on the other posts I've missed!
Have fun

~Amanda in Vic said...

Have a wonderful night tonight. It's so lovely to meet up with other women and discuss God together. I don't do it often enough either! Hope it can become a regular occurrance for you!

Karen said...

Sounds like an enjoyable day! I like the pink but I find the curlycues in the background a bit distracting.

Vic said...

I love Tuesdays too! So much more than I used to know we go to Music! Hope the kids were ok with the toad no being a friendly find. Study night sounds good! Vic xx

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Aha - that explains the sash! My son was so funny when putting together music for his party. His sister wanted some of her music on the playlist and it was hilarious to watch - 'No boy bands' what will my friends think he wailed as she tried to add in Ronan Keating! Every song was rejected for being too girly!
Tuesday is my town day too and that's a good thing as it is pouring with rain today!


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