Friday, August 6, 2010

Eisteddfod and Other Stuff

Well, we have had a week of sickness and Eisteddfod performances. And no, they don't really go together too well! The sickness is really getting me down. We are generally a very healthy family, and yet this winter we've all been hit hard with various bugs. This week my chesty cough and heavy sinus has worsened, and the aches and pains in general have too. I have been coughing now for 3 weeks. A trip to the doctor (rare for me!) confirmed that I do have a viral chest infection. I need to take some cold and flu medication, drink loads of water and rest, rest, rest. Hopefully it won't worsen and I won't need the dreaded antibiotics. I am so thankful to Stuart for taking the day off work today to look after the children so I could stay in bed.

Aside from the sickness, we still managed to sing on Tuesday! Saraya performed in her very first Eisteddfod, and I am so proud of her efforts. I also was seven when I did my first one, so this was very special. :) She sang 'The Windmill', which I also sang as a little girl.

All ready to go.....

And that afternoon she sang 'Maybe' from Annie, in the Musical Theatre section.

Here is my little Annie, complete with her gold locket.
The adjudicator was very encouraging, and awarded Highly Commended's to all the children who didn't receive a place! Saraya thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

And despite having very little lower register I made the decision to perform anyway. I had been looking forward to singing my song 'The Wizard and I' from Wicked for months!

Here I am, all 'greenified'. ;) I didn't sing to the best of my ability, but I still enjoyed myself and am glad I did it.

We were blessed to have Mum here from Monday until yesterday. It is always so nice to have her here, and we're all missing her already.

William is fairly unwell too, though seems to be improving every day. And everyone else, for now, is well!! Now just to get me well............

I'm off to rest some more, and read some more. I finished Wuthering Heights yesterday, and picked up the next book in my pile, Atonement. Well thanks to being bedridden today, I am about 3/4's of the way through! It is a real page-turner, much better than the movie as per usual. Perhaps if get snuggled up now I could get it finished tonight.

Much love to everyone, I look forward to catching up on some blog-reading over the (restful) weekend. :)


AmFriend said...

So sorry to hear you have been under the weather all this time. Hope you are back to your healthy, happy self soon. Glad you all performed despite illness. These shared events will make wonderful family memories. Feel better soon. HUGS!

sarah in the woods said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. I haven't been reading blogs lately. Saraya looks adorable in her Annie outfit. Wish I could have heard you all sing!

Smilie girl said...

Here's to a more healthy week.
Congratulations to you all on your performances. I'm glad it was an enjoyable experience, even with not feeling well.

Vic said...

I'm so glad the performances went well! Good on you for battling through, Stuart said at the party you were brilliant! I truly hope you are feeling better soon, with the move and everyone being sick it feels like ages since we've caught up! I'm determined we'll all be better by Thursday for the markets! Vic xx

Kimmie said...

Eisteddfod? ...I don't know what this it a holiday or is it a cultural tradition or is it a play?

Hmmm...and wondering, why are you green? ;-)

Sorry your sick. We've been sick here for 3 weeks too...but we are in summer and to be sick in summer is just plain ridiculous if you ask me.

Hope you feel better.

Saraya looks so cute. She is just beaming in all the pictures.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

jazzy cat said...

I can see you were unwell Min, my goodness your skin looks horrendous! I'm concerned the gangreen may be incurable!!!!! ;-) Great work!

Renata said...

Eistedfords are great fun - I used to love them when I was a girl - went in numerous ones! Glad you guys had fun & that you could do your song even though you were unwell - Great costume/makup!!
Enjoy this chance to read - it comes so rarely to us Mums
Love to you


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