Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moments Like These

It's moments like these I want to freeze time.

Moments with my husband, home with us.

William and his Papa, just hanging out together.

Playing. Learning. Talking.

Enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

New toy library toys, and wood ducks waddling by.

Yes, I wanted to capture this moment.

Thank you Lord for this man.

Thank you for weekends, for stillness, for time to breathe and rest and just be home together.


Vic said...

Lovely photos! Such a special time! xx

AmFriend said...

Yay for special moments shared by William & Stuart.
P.S. That's a fun t-shirt Stuart is wearing!

Renata said...

So beautiful. I love it when Dave can spend time with the kids too. It feels like it's been ages since they just sat still & played like that - now wrestling is big on the "fun with Dad" list.
Hope you are keeping well


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