Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Fun

As I mentioned in my last post, we had family with us for the weekend. How nice to share some time with Stuart's sister, and two of our sweet nieces for two whole days. It saddens us not to have family around up here, so it is wonderful when we get visitors!!

One of our nieces was here competing in the state finals for touch football. She (unlike me) is very athletic, and very talented in fact at many many things! Her team (the 14 and unders) won the grand final!! We were very proud of her and excited to be there to see their big win.

Here she is on Saturday night, sharing one of her other talents with us - piano playing.
*Sigh*. She has surpassed me in this skill!

Our other niece Hannah, who has recently returned from England. She was there for 2 years and we had missed her very much. So nice to see her again! Saraya loved spending time with Hannah. :)

Stuart and the children collecting sticks (the fun way :)).....

... for a bonfire Saturday night!!

Basking in the warm glow.

After a full weekend we had a very quiet day yesterday. Elijah unfortunately was quite unwell; he developed a fever mid-morning which lasted throughout the day. He also had one big vomit which I am hoping was just in conjunction with his fever and not another tummy bug! We have had a dreadful winter with sickness and I must say I am relieved that tomorrow is the beginning of Spring. :D

Today we had to do the grocery shopping, but apart from that we were home. Saraya baked 2 banana cakes (new recipe), I made some muffins, washed laundry, wrote our meal plan and shopping list, dreamed gardening dreams, read to the children, and helped Saraya start a scrapbook purely for the purpose of art study. Tonight she stuck in all the work she has done on Van Gogh, and we talked about who she will study next. She has decided on Mary Cassatt, so we will start that tomorrow along with our Nature Study in the morning. We are also looking at the fruits of the spirit at the moment, and this week are thinking about kindness. The children are learning Ephesians 4:32 as a memory verse.

The children certainly keep me busy. Here is William being William. Dressing up in his big sister's beanie, then asking me to take his photo. ;) Funny little man.

We were blessed with dinner tonight from a dear friend, so I was able to play some ball games and read books with the children late afternoon instead of being tied to the kitchen. Such a rare treat for all of us. It's been a good day.


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Looks like you had a great weekend and how kind of your friend to make you dinner. We went to a Christening and met another homeschool family who have invited us to go camping on their property. I'm still hoping we get the chance to travel a bit further afield in the not too distant future and come and visit you. I don't mind the camping if we get to be with other people and I am itching to get past Brisbane and see places I have not yet seen. And if you are coming south at all this summer the invitation to come and stay here applies!

AmFriend said...

Lovely weekend with family. Shared memories to store and bring out later in life. That picture of William is priceless!

Renata said...

What a lovely time you had with your neices - we also miss family - it's so hard being so far away.
Will certainly is growing up quickly & what a gorgeous little character he is. So glad you have wonderful friends who make you dinner - you've had a rough time this last month with illness -I've been praying for you
God bless


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