Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Thing

I have only one thing to say today.

How I would love the resources and space to create this learning environment for my family!

What do you think?


jazzy cat said...

Wow! I have to admit that it does look quite idyllic and those posters are fantastic (I wouldn't mind the fungi and shell ones myself!)..

Vic said...

That is fantastic!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I do love those posters especially the antique style maps and I have to say I love the 'writing on the wall'. It is appealing but one thing bothers me.... the rooms are starting to look like classrooms in a school rather than a home. It also reminded me of a public library! I've seen a few 'school rooms' designed for younger children that resemble day care centres. I know my husband would hate for our home to start looking like a schoolhouse rather than a home. I suppose it is the motivation behind setting up a room like this - is it to make mum feel better, she feels validated and doing 'proper school' if her home looks more like a classroom and she has tons of educational resources on show?
Most of us do not have a room of that size to turn into a 'school' room. No reason why the world map can't go into a child's room, posters of eggs could be in a living room or hallway, baskets of shells in the bathroom - so the whole house essentially becomes a learning environment without all of the 'educational clutter.' I would pick out elements from these pictures to inspire me but not allow myself to feel inadequate or that I even need to have an environment like this to teach in and if I had the space and money would I do it? Hope I have not thrown a spanner in the works but wonder if any other home educators are bothered by the trend I see for 'trendy' school rooms - is Pottery Barn to blame? I think some of the pics around are from catalogues and are not real homes!
You have given me much food for thought today Saminda!

~Amanda in Vic said...

I'll second that one thing.


AmFriend said...

It is a lovely, peaceful environment for sure. I like how they repurposed a lot of things they already had.
I do think I would have fun learning at your home too!


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