Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Photographs in May

I love photographs. I love the stories they tell, the memories they evoke. I love looking back on them. And I love to share them. Right now I want to remember that in spite of all that's going on in my marriage, life continues on. The children are thriving and growing and experiencing life in all their childhood wonder. I want to remember that. So here are some photographs of my beautiful, beautiful babies from the last few weeks.

There were Mother's Day cards and precious little gifts

Dress-up day at school - she went as "Annie" ;)

A visit with my Dad in his nursing home

Brother-sister cuddles

and silly time. ;)

A trip to the beach

and a birthday party.

And to Elijah, a birthday party = an opportunity to wear his suit. ;)
(He also wore it to the free dress day, along with a black umbrella - he was Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain!)

For me, there have been moments like this.

And this.

Time to think, and be, and enjoy the wonder of my beautiful children and this life we have all been given.


AmFriend said...

Lovely photos of the wee ones and of you too. Love the last two photos, they made me automatically relax.

Hugs lady!

Smilie girl said...

Lots of gorgeous photos and great stories. Thinking of you.

Karen said...

Lovely! And I agree with the other comment, those last 2 photos are so relaxing.

Renata said...

Just beautiful photos there Saminda - your children are just precious & they sure are growing up quickly!!!
Been thinking of & praying for you - I was practicing the piano this morning & couldn't help thinking of you & wondering if you were giving lessons right at that time!
Love to you


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