Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another birthday weekend!

We've just finished a full, happy weekend.
After picking up my girl and hubby yesterday morning, and discovering how exhausted they were (Saraya had 4 HOURS SLEEP at the camp, from 1am until 5am- I couldn't believe it!!!!!), I decided showers and naps were on the agenda.  Saraya ended up falling asleep at lunchtime and slept for 3 hours, until I woke her at 3pm!  Amazing.  Stu napped for awhile as well. 
My Mum and Ray (who couldn't make it up for the party last week due to Will's chicken pox) arrived soon after she woke, and were with us until this afternoon.  We had such a great time together.

Yesterday was...........
"Happy hour" at 4pm :)
A game of boules in the backyard
Dinner at 6:30pm - Meat and vegetable pie (my 3rd pie attempt; I'm enjoying experimenting and they've all turned out so far!), new potatoes, and salad.
Bed at 8pm for the little ones
A spin around the block in our new car for Mum and I, then a spin through the McDonalds drive-through for Stu and Ray.......... and sundaes back home for us all. :)
"Ironman" for entertainment.......... and a little napping on the side.......
Bed too late to remember when it was, but boy sleep was good.

Today we all headed up to Hervey Bay so Stuart and Ray could enjoy their combined birthday present.  Mum and I sent them up for a 25 minute helicopter flight, something Stu has been dreaming of doing since he was a little boy.

Isn't it a gorgeous little one?

They flew over the bay and out to Fraser Island.  
Mum and the children and I sat at the airport and watched them take off ( a few prayers whispered!), and watched them land again soon after.

This is a picture of Fraser from the air- not one Stu took, but one I found on the net!
I'll try to put one or two on the blog in the next few days...

Elijah was adamant that he really wanted to go up for a flight too.  I talked through it with him and explained that it's something Stu has had to wait for for a long time.  This prompted much discussion, and eventually both children decided they would like to have a flight for their 21st birthdays respectively. :)   This gave us all a laugh!  Nothing like planning ahead!

A picnic by the beach followed.............. ham and cheese breadrolls, and the nicest rockmelon I've had all season.
A walk out along Urangon Pier (nearly 2km all up), and an icecream before saying our goodbyes. I always find it hard saying goodbye to them.  Hopefully we'll be together again in about 4 weeks, providing Stu can afford to take a weekend away in the madness of 4th term!  Only 6 weeks to go until the summer holidays, and loads to achieve in that time.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a quiet home day tomorrow.  We've all had a fair share of sunshine today, so I'm thinking spending a few hours in the kitchen tomorrow is in order.  No doubt Eljiah will be right there to assist - he really is a champion spoon licker. ;)

Happy Sunday everyone.  I pray your week ahead will be filled with special moments.  I pray that peace will be upon your homes and within your hearts.  
Oh, and a Psalm for today....

"The precepts of the Lord are right, 
       giving joy to the heart. 
       The commands of the Lord are radiant, 
       giving light to the eyes."  Psalm 19:8


Renata said...

Looks like a fun time! I arrived at our wedding in a helicopter & I remember wishing we had left earlier as it was so beautiful flying over Redcliffe Peninsula (of course I was running late & had to go straight to the church). Hope you have a lovely day today & enjoy your baking (what are you making?)

jenb said...

Missed you yesterday, but glad you had a lovely weekend with your relatives.

Mum said...

It was a lovely weekend!! Thank you all very much. We are looking forward to the next one now.


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