Friday, October 24, 2008

Times, they are a-changing.............

From my computer chair I can see an empty little gir's bed in the next room.  Where is my Saraya baby?  At her very first ever sleepover.  My heart is sad!

The sleepover is at her school.  They're calling it "Jungle Camp", and the night includes dinner, dessert, outdoor games, a disco dance, an optional movie, sleep (I hope!)..... then in the morning, an exercise session and pancakes for breakfast!  Will she be exhausted?  Yes!!  Will she have an abslolutely wonderful time?  Yes!!  Was she at all nervous?  No!!  Did I really really want to put her back in the car and bring her home with me?  Yes. 

I guess it's times like these that I realise how quickly the years are fleeting by.  I remember so clearly her birth.  The first time I touched the soft folds of skin on her tiny head.  Her baby fingers clinging to my hand.  The ecstacy of those early days of being her mother.

And now she is 6 years old, and at her first sleepover.

The little boys and I had our "special time"as the sun was setting, just the 3 of us, at the nearby nature reserve.  Dinner was breadrolls. :)  A warm milo at home (with marshmallows of course), a story, a very chatty toddler, and finally, sleep.  
Home feels empty when we're not all together.  I think I'll head to bed too, and dream about all the wonderful, simple, fleeting moments I treasure so much.

Bring on 8am - pick-up time!!!


Cathy said...

I agree with the emptiness part- it's a stillness yet it's just not-as-it-ought-to-be; something just isn't quite right. I thought I'd use tonight as a chance to do something nice for me - scrapbooking or something - but the truth is that I just don't feel up to it. So I'll meander around, periodically checking your blog and Helen's, leaving comments that empathise with your entries seeing I can't access my own:(. Still, I'm glad we're like makes life more meaningful, in general, don't you think?! Love you lots!

Heather said...

Waahhhh! I think about this too, especially now, so close to Bee's birthday. I can still remember the first time I held her, and kissed her tiny little button nose...and now she's this big kid!

Time goes by so fast.

Renata said...

We've only had sleepovers at grandparents before (but that was a while ago). It sure feels strange when one of them is away. All I could think of when you were describing all the fun things their going to be doing is the poor teachers -bet they're tired in the morning!


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