Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, life just keeps right on rolling. Which is the way I like it. :)

It is school holidays for us at the moment, which means Stuart has two weeks off work. Except that he's going to Adelaide next week for four days Professional Development.......... Aside from that, we're together every day! It's so wonderful having him home. We have already enjoyed lots of chat time and achieved much around the home too. We have spent the last two days changing the bedrooms around. Saraya moved into what was the play room - she now has her very own little girl room which she just loves. It works well because she can lie awake reading in bed until 7:30pm, whereas Elijah really needs to be asleep between 6:30 and 7pm, he gets so tired. William moved out of his cot and into a BED!! and is sharing a room with Elijah. The boys have bunk beds and love them. This has given Stu and I our room back (yay!) and William has even been sleeping better in his big boy bed. Hoooooooray. :D I will post some photos of their rooms tomorrow. We've worked hard but I'm so happy with how they look!

What else?? Well, we have been pretty inspired by Junior Masterchef and I hope to give Saraya more time in the kitchen with me - really cooking, not just helping. I had her go through recipe books with me this morning and she helped do the meal planning for the week. We braved the rain this afternoon and went to town to do the shopping. And tonight, Saraya cooked dinner!

She made a delicious, hearty meal of Baked Potato Soup and Parmesan Twists (recipe in my Donna Hay Seasons cookbook). It was, seriously, delicious. I am so full! Saraya loves to cook, and I need to trust her more in the kitchen as she really is an excellent little chef.

I have (mostly) been enjoying being caffeine and alcohol free. Not that I drank a great deal of either, but after abstaining completely I do feel more settled within myself, my heart has been feeling more normal again, and the alternatives I have been drinking are much healthier! I have also been trying to walk daily, and get to bed before 10pm. All these things, as well as having my husband around at the moment, and prayer of course, are helping me feel much better. It is so so so nice.

In bigger news, God has lead our family to the decision to put Saraya and Elijah into school next year. This is huge for me particularly, as I have always felt so right about having all my children close to us and at home together. The primary reason for this is my health, but there are other factors as well. In my little package of "lifestyle changes" which I need to make, one of the steps is to minimise physical and emotional stress. The doctor was very clear about this. Being honest, homeschooling simply hasn't been working for a good many months now. With me being constantly unwell, and tired, and stressed, Saraya particularly has struggled both emotionally and behaviourally. She complains of boredom at home, lacking friends and stimulation. She is disinterested generally in anything but reading, though becomes cranky after doing that for too long. Ordinarily I can cope with this - we plan excursions and outings, playdates with friends and lots of interesting projects at home. Unfortunately I have been unable to provide her with these things since about July, and am still slowly getting back on my feet. We feel that one year at the Christian school where Stuart teaches (Elijah will actually be in Stu's prep class :)) will do us all good. William and I will spend time at home together next year, and the older children will receive more time with their daddy, and some broader opportunities. I know there are pro's and con's to everything, and we are focusing hard on the pro's of school for next year. I still very much have homeschooling on my heart, and we have always said we will take one year at a time. I will cherish the rest of 2010, having all my children under our roof each day. Next year, I will pray and trust and share the load, rest and recuperate. This hasn't been an easy decision. I have shed many tears over it. But, this is life, our life, for now.

The other step in this whole plan is our probable need to move house, to downgrade, to minimise our mortgage in order to afford school fees - and to take away the stress which has affected us all (but mostly Stu) since buying our dream home last November. It's beautiful, but it has us stretched to the max. We're looking around at some houses in town, just getting a feel for the market, getting our place here looking ready to list if necessary, waiting, and praying. It isn't easy, but once again I trust God completely for His perfect provision. He has always provided for us, and I trust this time won't be any different.

So yes, that's us this week. :) Lots going on, as always. But we're together, and life is rolling, and that's what is most important. The spring rain is falling outside, filling our water tanks and watering our budding fruit trees; two little boys are fast asleep and my little girl and her daddy are reading a book all about the Romans together on her bed. Life is a gift. :) Blessings, friends! xx


Theresa said...

Hey if you heading to Adelaide Stu we would love to be able to catch up with you. Please call us.

Karen said...

Sounds like you're making wise choices for this time in your life...but I'm sure they are very hard! Praying for you all!

...they call me mommy... said...

I will be praying for you!! Change is hard, but sometimes what God has for us for a season! So glad you are feeling a bit better!


Vic said...

Love this post! So happy and sad for you all at once. We must catch up soon! Vic xx

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I know this must have been a tough decision for you Saminda. I know some homeschool mums who had to put their children back into school as a result of health issues after years of homeschooling. How hard it was for them. You have to do what is best for the whole family. I do hope you will consider homeschooling again in the future when the time is right. I have seen how wonderful you were at teaching your children - an inspiration to many starting out and even to this mum with 12 years of homeschooling under her belt.
Praying for you - keep visiting my blog, remember it's not just for homeschoolers but for all those who cherish their family and I know that you do!

Smilie girl said...

Lots of news there. I agree that it sounds like you are making wise choices for where you are at the moment. I'm sure they aren't easy however.
Have a wonderful time together as a family these holidays.
Good to hear that you are adjusting to the beverage changes. I would miss it too, but feeling better is so important.
And great job cooking Saraya!

AmFriend said...

Life is for living and it sounds like the choices you are making, though tough, are wise ones to allow you to live well. Hugs and prayers to you my friend.
<3 A

Queen of the Natives said...

You have our love and support, whatever your familys' choices. I'm very glad you're feeling better and have been wise in your decisions for your own family. No tears Min, be strong and faithful.

j_lee said...

Precious Min, What big decisions you have been facing as a family. And what an encouragement and faithful witness you are to those who look upon your life. We pray blessings upon you and your precious family as you faithfully follow God's direction for your life. Much love, Jenn

Renata said...

I have been praying for you & these decisions you have to make. It's amazing how God leads you in ways you never thought. I think it's wonderful that they will be able to go to the school where there Dad works - Elijah is going to have so much fun being with Dad in class!!!
You've done so well continueing on while you've been so unwell - don't be hard on yourself about this decision - I know how tough it must have been for you. Truthfully if there was a christian school around here I would never have considered home schooling (I didn't even know about it until after we moved here).
I will continue praying for your health, for you guys & all the huge decisions you are making.
I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful year next year with precious Will - what a special time he will have with you!
Love to you

momto9 said...

Saminda my heart goes out to you during this difficult time. Such big decisions to make and you're taking it SO WELL!!!


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