Thursday, September 9, 2010

Health Update

In case anyone would like to know (and yes please to prayer!):

- I have another chest infection and am on another round of antibiotics. I am also taking probiotics and vitamins and trying to rest as much as possible. We'll pop down to the markets this morning to get lots of fresh fruit and veggies as well. Want to knock this one on the head completely.

- I have absolutely no voice!! Being mute and mothering 3 young children all day long isn't easy.

- I had to have a chest x-ray yesterday as the doctor could hear noise on my lungs. The results didn't come back as 'urgent', though I do need to go back to the doctor to discuss them. The x-ray guy said "yeah, you've got a lot of gunk in there". Excellent.

- I have returned the holter monitor, and once the results are evaluated they too will be sent to the GP. I'm very interested to see what they show (if anything).

- My heart definitely feels like it is still all over the place. :(

- When I had blood tests on Saturday, my white cell count was high. Once I finish the 6-day course of antibiotics, I will go again for a full blood count and hopefully my WCC will have come down.

- I am really, really tired and breathless most of the time. Stuart is being really attentive when he is home which is blessing me enormously, and my sweet friend Petrina has looked after my children for the past 2 days while I was having all these tests done. She is amazing!

- I would appreciate your prayers! I just want to be well again. It's been so long.


Christy said...

oh my goodness Saminda - what a few months you've had. Sending prayers your way for your health! It's so hard to rest with young praying they will give you the time you need. Love and sunshine, Christy xo

~Amanda in Vic said...

I'm certainly praying for you Saminda. Not only for your health, but also for wisdom and peace in making the decisions you and your family must make.

I would like to add you to my church's prayer list if you are willing.

Remain in His love,

Smilie girl said...

Still praying for you. Breathless, tired and voiceless aren't good for you are they? Hope the antibiotics and good food weave their magic quickly.

Karen said...

that sounds so overwhelming...praying for a speedy return to health! And for peace in your spirit as you wait on test results.

Shonni said...

I am so sorry that you are so sick!!! I am praying that you feel better soon!!!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry Saminda. I know what this feels like. I was so unwell last winter, and lost my voice for a whole month! I did a lot of clapping and finger-snapping to get my children's attention :) It is so frightening to feel weak and breathless all the time, and you've had such a rough time of it lately. I hope that things start looking up soon. You remain in my prayers daily!

Renata said...

I'll continue to pray for your recovery - you've certainly had a tough time with this infection.I hope these new antibiotics do the trick (& quickly).
Love to you & hope you get well soon
Renata XO


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