Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

We have been ever so blessed this week to have my Mum staying with us. She arrived Monday lunch time, and gave me her company and encouragement and cooking and cuddles and time out and time to get things done and rest and reassurance. I feel amazingly better than I have in weeks. Thank you Mum!!!!!

She got the kids in the kitchen and made strawberry & raspberry jam with them.

It's delicious! Mum also took them on a couple of outings which gave me time here at home. Amazing.

And we woke this morning to the signs of Spring, everywhere. The sun was warm, and the breezes were blowing. We discovered a nest of baby minor birds in our front garden, to the delight of the children!

Spot the nest?

Sadly, one of the babies must have fallen out of the nest (it was quite windy today) and our cat Molly brought her inside. :( I think they only hatched this morning - they are tiny with no feathers yet. The children spent ages watching the mummy and daddy bird flying back and forward with food for the babies.

Then later today we spotted a whole family of wood ducks! Mummy, daddy and their 3 ducklings waddled across our land and swam across the dam. We ventured down to watch them - they were SO cute!

Mum went home this afternoon and I miss her so much already.

I am back to the doctor tomorrow morning to get the results of the heart monitoring. I've already been told I need to have an Echo (like an ultrasound of the heart) - not sure if that is routine or if they picked something up with the monitor. I also feel a bit of a lump in my breast so I'm getting that checked out too. Please pray for me - I just so want to feel well again.

And this is for you, Amy. Just 'cos you sent the boys these gorgeous shirts and I thought you might like to see them in them. ;)


Vic said...

Spring has sprung and with it will come warm days,happy children and good health. That is what I'm hoping and praying for! That jam looks yummo! Vic xx

Renata said...

We are loving spring as well.
An echo is an ultrasound of the heart (ask Smilie Girl - she's a sonographer & can tell you more). Will continue praying for you - so glad your Mum could come & help out! That jam looks delicious - I love homemade jam!
Take care & look after yourself
Love to you

momto9 said...

your boys are jsut soooo sweeet!

AmFriend said...

Aww they look adorable in their Montana Mud shirts and your mom is using one of the cleaning cloths in the jam photo! I am so glad you all are getting use and enjoyment out of the odds and ends I collected for you all. So looking forward to the day when we can see each other in person and share laughs, hugs, craft-making, and games.


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