Thursday, September 2, 2010

Simplified Play

"Children's play flourishes when we let it rather than make it happen."

"Moving away from things and toward experiences, we can be indulgent with time and opportunities for exploration. We can be lavish, unsparing with the space and time kids need to move and be physically active; bounteous with opportunities for them to connect with nature and others. Our generosity can stretch and expand in response to their need for make-believe, art, purpose, music, and joyful, busy involvement."

From "Simplicity Parenting" by Kim John Payne. More quotes to come!


Karen said...

Great quote...looking forward to more! Sometimes I feel rather "behind" or "backwards" simply because I don't put my kids in preschool! Right now they are all (the 3 that are not at school that is) playing with Little People and trucks on the floor. I love that they are "learning" to play! :-)

Vic said...

I love this! Very jealous! :(

Smilie girl said...

Fantastic quote and very much spot on. Space and time to learn and grow is so important.

momto9 said...

such wonderful WONDERFUL quotes. Totally my phylosophy for parenting that is at times hard to put into practice:)


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