Friday, September 17, 2010


Although the ultrasound technician couldn't officially tell me anything today, he was kind enough to share that he couldn't see (I quote) "any nasties". :) It looks like I have fibrocystic breast condition, common enough and not serious. Phew!!!

Stuart was a darling and took the day off work to be with me today, even though it was the last day of term and lots of special things were happening at school. Honestly, that meant the world to me. So we have had the afternoon as a family, and our spring holidays have started a day early!

We have 2 weeks at home together, and lots to achieve in that time. More about that in another post.

Echo test next Thursday. Until then, no more posts about medical stuff I hope!

We had a picnic and a walk in the park this afternoon, and walked down to a gorgeous little shop called Pop-In Tea. I picked 4 bags of herbal teas to alleviate my disappointment over losing my daily teas and coffee - nice to have an alternative! I have Pina Colada fruity tea, Women's Wellness tea, Vitamin C boost tea, and Energy boost tea. I can feel that all these lifestyle changes are going to lead to a much healthier me, and for that I am grateful.


AmFriend said...

PRAISE GOD!! So thankful that your breast lump was not the BIG C!! Been there with a scare, don't want to go back.

The teas sound delic and the flowers in that pitcher are beautiful!

Renata said...

Praise the Lord - that is wonderful news. I was thinking & praying for you often today!
Have a wonderful, restful couple of weeks enjoying your beautiful family!
God bless

Heather said...

I'm so happy to hear this, Min! I've been so worried. Praise God!

Karen said...

Wonderful! And I love the pitcher in that photo!

Smilie girl said...

Good stuff. Definitely a worrying time, but so good to know it was cystic. A great answer to prayer. All the best for the echo as well.
Have a wonderful holiday.
Your new teas sound very tasty and healthy. Enjoy.

Jen said...

I have had a scare before too. I am so glad for you that at least one health issue has been cleared up. I will pray that your other issues are soon resolved.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW


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