Friday, January 7, 2011

My Twin Readers

After performing in the Eisteddfod last year, Saraya received a copy of the book "Mary Poppins" as an encouragement from Nanna. She received a second copy for her birthday from a friend, which she decided to gift to Stuart for Christmas as she knew he had never read it. :) I thought it was such a sweet idea.

Today I walked into the living room to find this...

Twin readers! Stuart reading it for the first time and Saraya reading it for the third. ;)

And yes, Saraya did get her hair cut this week. All the way up to her shoulders. Her long golden curls are now short golden curls.

It's a fresh change for a new year.


Karen said...

I found "Harleysboys" through your blog and it's been such a blessing to see what Zach is dealing with...Thanks! :-)

Love the twin readers!

Vic said...

Love the twin reading! Love Saraya's new do too! xx

Queen of the Natives said...

that's pretty cool Min :D Look at Saraya's hair! it's not getting darker as most blondeys do - perhaps she'll be a golden girl forever?!

Smilie girl said...

Hope their both enjoying their book!

AmFriend said...

Love the twin readers photograph. Saraya is so sweet to gift her extra book to her father. Like her fresh prospective hairdo too.

Renata said...

What a wonderful thing - father & daughter reading together!
I love Sarayaƛ haircut - it looks beautiful - she has the prettiest curls!


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