Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Quiet Christmas Morn

We were home this year, just our little family for Christmas morn.

The children rose by 6am, and we opened stocking gifts, had breakfast, and shared more gifts together. The day was spent enjoying fellowship with one another, playing, and reading, and keeping cosy indoors out of the incessant rain!

Little stockings filled with love gifts

And Tractors for Will...

Books and Dollies for Saraya....

Knight miniatures, and a big boy bike for Elijah!

I missed my family terribly, as I always do when we spend Christmas Day at home. We live 3 hours from our extended family, and this year we chose to drive down to be with them on Boxing Day. So we had a quiet, reflective Christmas Day. It really was lovely.


Vic said...

Looks like a lovely, peaceful Christmas! Love Elijah's bike, Elliot got a big boy bike too! xx

Garden Girl said...

Look at those lovely smiling faces! Oh, those cheeks! :)

Glad you had a nice, quiet day with your family.

I don't know much about Boxing Day or its traditions. Are you planning a post? :)


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