Monday, January 3, 2011

Week With Family

Boxing Day we packed up and headed south (in the rain) to spend a week with family.

Did I mention it was raining? Wide expanses of our state have been affected by flooding this summer - parts of it devastatingly so. We've been blessed where we live, and are sitting high and dry. I'm so thankful.

A reader asked if there are any popular Australian traditions for Boxing Day. Well no, not really. There is the Boxing Day Cricket on TV, and eating the leftover food from Christmas Day. ;) And sitting under the fan as it's usually very very hot. There is a big yacht race from Sydney to Hobart which some people follow too. Other than that, we usually spend the day catching up with family.

We were all happy to be out on the big highway.

We arrived to this view - nice!!! Everything is SO green due to all the rain.

My aunt and uncle, cousins, brother and his fiance, and parents were all there! We shared gifts and ate (way too much) together and played board games and swam in the pool and used the paddle boats on the lake and learned our lines at night when the kids were asleep ..... and generally had a great, relaxing time.

Saraya getting stuck into a book (Boxcar Children series, from Mum) virtually the minute she opened it!

Ours (and Will's) bedroom

Saraya and Elijah's room. Here Saraya was so deep in a game she didn't even notice me taking the photo. :) Love that girl.

So that was Sunday - Wednesday. Lots of rain and lots of time with family. And sneaking out into the beautiful rural resort every time the teeming rain stopped.

What did we do on Thursday and Friday? Well that, my friends, is a post for tomorrow!


Garden Girl said...

Yay! A boxing day post;) Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Saminda
Happy new Year!
I was wondering if you were rain/flood affected. We haven't had a flood this year which is highly unusual - 8 floods in the space of a year a couple of years back but we chose to buy a house on the hill - a very wise move for this region!
Looks like you had a lovely Christmas holiday. We had a quiet Christmas as now planning for our big trip in just 3 weeks time to NZ. Ezra has tennis clinic (3 hour sessions) this week so I have 3 trips into town and I have to kill some time at the coffee/vintage shop - don't mind that at all!
Looking forward to hearing all what 2011 has in store for your family - don't forget if you come any further south to come and visit us!

Smilie girl said...

It is awesome how green everything is at the moment.


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