Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thankful For This Man

Today, as we simply spent time together at home and at the park, I marvelled at how much I truly love my husband.

He is such a devoted and kind man.

He always makes time for little William, even when he is being his most demanding self. "Play with me Papa!"

And he is so much fun to be around!

All the best to all the little ones (and their Mama's) who are going off to school tomorrow. Mine are asleep early, good food in their bellies, uniforms laid out ready. May tomorrow be filled with wonder, excitement, and new beginnings.


Sharnee Torrents said...

Dearest Saminda,
I can't even really imagine how you must be feeling right now, the night before your precious treasures go to school.....
but in saying that I do know that GOD IS WITH YOU AND IS YOUR COMFORT AND HOLDS NOT ONLY YOU BUT YOUR PRECIOUS TREASURES FIRMLY IN HIS HANDS!!!! Squeeze them HUGE in the morning, pray for them and smile as they set off on this new adventure! Then make sure you enjoy some of the QUITE time that you'll get tomorrow (let's face it, that doesn't happen much when you homeschool!!) and delight in the moments that you see as the day unfolds!! There are MANY blessings to be had and many to be given so GO my fellow super mum!! I look forward to reading all about how it went here soon!!!
SMiles SHarnee :)

momto9 said...

Ah tomorrow is the big day? It will be a good day!
You're a good mom!

Queen of the Natives said...

Wow, I really like what Sharnee had to say :D Beautiful! Let me just add that you are so brave! and also be sure to give yourself permission to fully embrace this special time for you all. And enjoy this sweet one on one with Master William. Best of luck and my prayers are with you. JM xo

Smilie girl said...

And all the best to your little ones (and big one)as they head off to school.
A good husband and father is definitely something to be thankful for. (I think mine is terrific too :))

Heather said...

Thinking of you, and praying that your sweet little ones have a fabulous first day!

Saminda said...

Thank you everyone, for your prayers and encouragement! :) I've been overwhelmed by the support I've found here these past few days.

This morning was wonderful. Will blog about it tonight. ;) xx

Christie said...

I hope your little ones have a happy experience back at school today. We have this to look forward to next week.

AmFriend said...

You are truly blessed to have a loving husband, who is an involved and caring father; beautiful, intelligent, talented kiddos, and faith, beauty, and talent all your own.


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